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Best Telegram Spy App to Spy on Telegram Accounts and Get the Data You Need

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With the development of Internet technology, there is a lot more exposure than ever before. You would want to keep an eye out for the contacts your kids chat with online. According to NCMEC, over 69 million images related to child sexual exploitation got reported in 2019. It is a major cause for concern as a parent.

Telegram comes with a ton of social networking features, which makes it a hotspot as a result. With functions like secret chats and GPS-based channels, teenagers and children alike tend to have conversations with new people. You might want to be double-sure about the characters to prevent a potentially dangerous scenario.

If you are looking to monitor and spy your child’s interactions on Telegram, this article highlights some of the handy spy apps you could use.

How to Spy on Telegram Without Leaving a Trace?

The Telegram app is one robust instant messaging application that came to be in 2013. It started operation when the IM space needed some variety. WhatsApp was running the whole show, and it was becoming monotonous and boring at some point.

It is a cross-platform app, which means it works on both Android and iOS devices — although I’ve observed that you get a slightly more fluid experience on iOS. What’s more? It’s freeware, and you don’t have to see ads, an incredible feature in a world where “if you are not paying for the product, you’re the product.”

The application came with a plethora of features, some of which were ground-breaking and novel at the time. It brought end-to-end encrypted video calling, seamless file sharing, and VoIP (Voice over IP).

The software’s highlight features include message exchanges, which also utilize end-to-end encryption; you can also send and receive messages in private, where the message self-destructs after a period. Users can also make calls over Wi-Fi or with VoIP and share multimedia files.

Bear in mind that only a fraction of the features would fall under monitoring, as there are many individual functions. It would be difficult for a spy app to go through the entire application. Telegram encourages user privacy, meaning that spy operations have a limited scope within the software. However, you can still spy on sent messages and shared documents.

The Right Kind of Telegram Spying App You Need

What Telegram spy software do you need to use? Generally, spy products offer you various features that might be relevant for your specific use case. However, Telegram has self-destructing messaging, which takes it beyond the majority of spy apps’ scope.

mSpy is a spy tool that homes in on the self-destruct messages on Telegram, making it easy to monitor and spy on short-lived conversations. It was noticed that the self-destruct feature gets exploited by shady persons on the Internet. Therefore, it is naturally a significant concern if you have a child who has Telegram installed on their device.

While the mSpy app focuses on the self-destructing messages on Telegram, it still handles the important messages monitoring and spying, making it handy for customers and parents seeking a fuller package. It would track all sent and received messages on Telegram by their timestamps.

You can also combine the Telegram spy features with the Keylogger function for better performance. The Keylogger (the short form of Keystroke Logger) is a tool that tracks and records every key input on the device it targets. Using a keylogger gives a bit more context about the individual’s online behavior and spies more information about their activity.

Furthermore, the mSpy app tracks secret chats and gives you control over the target device’s contacts. You can view the connections that initiate, send messages and provide notifications about any shady character you noticed.

How to Use a Telegram Spy Tool Effectively?

best telegram spy

To begin using a Telegram spy tool such as mSpy, you would need to understand the requirements. If you are using an iOS device, a typical Telegram spy app requires that the OS version starts from iOS 7, and the device has to become jailbroken. For Android phones, the spy tool would be compatible with versions higher than Android 4 OS.

The following is a list of the typical processes to begin using a Telegram spy tool:

Step 1. Download the Tool. Visit the official sites such as the mSpy website. Here, you go through the subscription plans on offer. Then, you make the selection that suits your need and proceed to fill the order form. Subsequently, you make the payment to complete the process. mSpy will send you an email that contains instructions on how to install the software on your phone.

Step 2. Install on the Target Device. Download the software on the target device and install it. While it’s not a very technical operation, mSpy’s technical support is on hand if you have inquiries or require assistance. 

Step 3. Install Control Panel On-Device. Complete the installation process on your device, following the email’s steps. Upon completion, you can start monitoring Telegram activities and logs from the software’s main Control Panel. You can also track browser history (which would be handy when the individual opens online links within Telegram) and GPS Location (for location-based groups, channels, and chats).

However, to fully use all of the features in a spy app like mSpy on an iOS device, the phone has to get jailbroken. The same thing applies to an Android device, which requires that you root it before accessing the software’s full functions.


Do I Need Physical Access to the Target Device?

Yes, but only at the point of installation. However, if you could get technical assistance, you don’t necessarily have to access the individual’s primary device if that’s not the only device they use to access Telegram. You could install the software on the secondary device (say, a tablet or a second phone) and begin monitoring once the target performs a login from there.

How Can I See Hidden Messages on Telegram?

You can see hidden messages on Telegram through the mSpy Control Panel. It would include texts that self-destruct and those sent in a secret chat.

Can I Retrieve Deleted Telegram Messages?

Yes. You could retrieve deleted Telegram messages if the texts got deleted after the mSpy app already exists on the device. However, any message before then is irredeemably lost. Although, if you used the mSpy keylogger feature, recently deleted outgoing messages remain retrievable.
If you use an Android phone, mSpy’s mAssistance service allows you to trawl deleted messages from all social media apps, including Telegram. Bear in mind that the device has to be rooted. 
On the other hand, it is a bit easier to retrieve deleted messages on iOS smartphones. Since messages would typically back up over iCloud. That way, when your child deletes a text after a backup, you can retrieve it.

Can You Spy on Telegram for Free?

Not really. There are software solutions that offer surveillance features for social media apps, such as Telegram, for free, but most of the services are rudimentary at best. The full-fat Telegram spy application would offer more in-depth functions such as message tracking, contact blocking, and GPS tracking for a fee.
On a legal note, the concept of monitoring an individual’s device with or without consent is controversial, and jurisdictions vary from place to place. You are better off paying for a Telegram spy app, as it lends a bit more credibility. Paid spy apps generally come from companies with a track record. In comparison, free options open the users to risks of malware attacks and the likes.


Telegram has witnessed a boom in popularity around the world. Many people keep installing a Telegram instant messaging app between the broader range of features and the emphasis on privacy. It also means that first-time social media users (mostly teenagers) get attracted to the app’s allure with private chat functions.

However, the exposure level presents its risks. Online predators have always tried to take advantage of secret Telegram features to introduce dangerous vices to children. Therefore, the need for a monitoring system becomes practical for the parent; it allows you to stay on top of your child’s online well-being and forestall risky situations. A spy app will enable you to carry out surveillance without intruding, convenient for both parties.

The points mentioned above make up the guide to help you start a monitoring process using the right spy app for Telegram. Kindly bear in mind that they do not guarantee full protection from dangerous characters on and off the Internet. This recommendation is to boost overall parental monitoring operations.

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