mobilespy app review

Mobile Spy Review

The rise of smartphones and the internet has led to a lot of children depending upon these technologies even from a young age, mainly for entertainment and communication purposes. This is a cause of worry for many parents who are aware of all the dangers which these open communication avenues bring with them. While there are a lot of applications available now which are aimed at providing parents and employers ways to spy on their children and employees respectively, not a lot of manufacturers focus on the fact that laptops and desktop computers are also a way to access the internet freely.

Laptops are an Equal Cause of Concern

Most people only focus on controlling the use of smartphones by youth, they forget that laptops and computers can prove to be equally dangerous to their safety. The same apps they use on their phones have their computer-friendly counterparts, and they house similar online predators and cyberbullies threatening children. That is why such apps have focused on providing spying solutions not only for the phone but also on computers. It ensures that parents can truly monitor and review whatever their kids are doing on the internet, and keep them safe. Such a feature alone is a testimonial of the fact that this software wants to help people in every way possible.

Mobile Spy and SnipperSpy – A Killer Combination

Mobile Spy is one of the most famous names in the spy app market, with a lot of positive reviews. It brings a lot of basic monitoring features to the table such as call monitoring as well as complete access to SMS conversations, an essential when it comes to tracking your children’s devices. It also lets you track media files and other production aspects of the phone like emails and contacts. A unique feature of the service is the ability to show you deleted information from the phone as well. While all other features of the app are quite general, as found in competitors, like live tracking and remote controlling of the phone, there is one thing that not many manufacturers have thought about. Mobile Spy also gives you a free copy of its software by the name of SnipperSpy, which lets you monitor computers as well. This is, however, only offered when you buy the full-time version of the software. It is built to help you track your child’s device to the max. Whatever is worrying you, from online predators targeting your kid through email and social media, or cyberbullies scamming your children, you can be sure that this spyware will give you enough features to prevent any of this from happening.

Support too Good to be True

One other thing which normally doesn’t get so much attention is technical support from the manufacturers, and Mobile Spy has got that in the bag as well. Tech support is very important for people who are not tech-savvy or someone who just needs help getting around the app’s features. The app provides an extremely intensive amount of support options to its customers. It includes a blog that is updated weekly, updates about the new products, and also Live Chat and phone support for USA-based customers.

Lesser Compatibility Options

While the software is completely compatible with Apple and Android products, they provide a limited number of features for Windows Mobile and Symbian OS. Another drawback is that the email logging only works properly on Blackberry and Apple phones. If you have an Apple or an Android phone, then Mobile Spy could be the app of your choice, for $49.97, $69.97, or $99.97 for 3,6, or 9 months respectively. But if you use a phone on any other platform than these two, you might want to look elsewhere for a complete set of features. So, if you are worried about the online safety of your children and have decided to use a service in order to monitor their internet activity, then it is your choice right here. If you need to monitor their laptops as well and need an app that isn’t a scam, then this choice becomes even more credible. With a complete set of features, multiple subscription options, great technical support, and many positive testimonials, Mobile Spy has all that you can possibly ask for.

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