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MobiSpy App Review: The Best Value Phone Spy Software?

Some spy apps are designed for a specific set of users, and some are designed for all across the board. MobiSpy is a free app that falls into the first category. It’s designed to assist parents in implementing effective parental control measures. It effectively minimizes the technical requirements for hands-on monitoring, allowing users to deploy highly advanced spying tools without any prior technical skills. 

If we’re to go by the creator’s claims, the app can be as good as any top-notch parental control app can be. But are these claims authentic? What’s the guarantee that you’ll have a great user experience with the app? To what extent can it help you regulate your loved ones’ phone activities effectively?

MobiSpy is a new kid on the block. As such, there’s not much information about the app. However, we’ve done our due diligence to scour the web to investigate the app’s creators’ claims and find out the general feeling among customers.  

What Makes MobiSpy Unique? 

MobiSpy App Review

MobiSpy comes with both basic and advanced parental control functions. It also boasts stealth operations that allow you to monitor and regulate your kids’ phone activities discreetly.

Some of its key features include:

  • Call tracking and recording. This feature allows you to intercept all in-coming and out-going calls, with the option of recording the calls for future references.
  • Messaging app tracking. An advanced monitoring feature allows you to read all your kid’s text messages, including those that have been deleted.
  • GPS tracker. A well-detailed collection of location data, including the previous and current locations, as well as the time and date stamp of each recorded location.
  • Network tracker. It keeps you informed about the Wi-Fi networks your kids connect to.
  • Multimedia file management. The feature gives you access to your kid’s phone library. You can even view deleted files.
  • Instant Messaging monitoring. It covers all your kids’ activities on Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • Browser tracking. This feature provides details of your target’s browsing activities, from the URLs they visit to the time and date stamps of the opened pages.
  • Keylogger. Reveals all the keys pressed on the target phone, including those related to passwords and other account credentials.

How to Use MobiSpy for iOS Monitoring? 

You can set up MobiSpy to begin spying on your kids’ iOS device without jailbreaking or any other complex technical requirements. Here’s all it takes to deploy MobiSpy to spy on iOS.

Step 1. Register for Your Free MobiSpy Account

You can start using the app with a free account. Head over to the app’s official website, click on the ‘Get Started’ button, and then fill out your details on the sign-up form.

Step 2. Connect the Target iOS Device

After you sign up, check your mail for your confirmation email. Follow through with the setup instructions you’ll find there to download, install, and run the app. On the app’s home screen, enter your target’s correct iCloud credentials. Before this, you need to ensure that your kid’s phone is running with active iCloud syncing.

Step 3. Begin Monitoring Your Target

The app works by transmitting data uploaded to the target’s iCloud account to your dashboard. Once you’ve entered your target’s iCloud credentials, you’ll be able to log into your dashboard anytime, anywhere, to access their phone data. 

How to Use MobiSpy for Android Monitoring?

You can also set up MobiSpy to monitor Android devices without engaging in any complex technical steps like jailbreaking. But this requires one-time physical access to the phone. Here’s all it takes to start monitoring phone activities on an Android phone with MobiSpy.

Step 1. Register for a Free MobiSpy Account

If you haven’t yet signed up for a free MobiSpy account, you need to do so first on the app’s official website. On the Website, click the “Get Started” button, and then fill out the sign-up form.

Step 2. Connect the Target Android Device

After signing up successfully, check your mailbox for the welcome email. Follow the setup instructions to download and install the app on the target phone as well as yours.

Step 3. Begin Monitoring the Target Android Device

Once the installation is successful on both ends, you can then log into your user dashboard anywhere, anytime to supervise your kid’s phone activities.

Is MobiSpy App Detectable? 

As a parental control app by design, MobiSpy doesn’t work secret by default since there shouldn’t be anything secretive about parental control. However, if you have older kids or tech-savvy kids who can easily thwart your parental control efforts if they’re aware of it, the app gives you options to execute stealth operations.
While installing the app on the target phone, you’ll find an option to render the app’s operations visible or visible.

Is MobiSpy Safe?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many customer reviews about MobiSpy as of now because the app is still relatively new. However, while we tested and ran the app for free, we didn’t come across any performance issues that could cast doubts on the app’s safety.
And the app doesn’t require complicated technical steps like jailbreaking, which could compromise the target phone’s security. This makes it even safer than some well-known parental monitoring apps.

Is MobiSpy Free? 

As a relatively new app, it seems the creators want to gain a foothold in the markets by offering top-notch parental control features for free. You can have a good feel of what the app offers, all for free.
But the paid version, as you would expect, gives you even greater parental control capabilities. 

Is MobiSpy Legit?

Just like many other top-notch monitoring apps, MobiSpy walks the fine line of ethical spying. The app is primarily geared towards parents or employees who have the moral and ethical backing to monitor their kids or employees.
The company divests itself from any illegitimate use of the app. Any user who deploys the app illegitimately is doing so at their recreation. 


MobiSpy is a painless, effortless parental control app that most parents would find quite reasonable. As a relatively new app, MobiSpy is giving users free access to their impressive range of parental control features with the hopes of building a solid reputation fast. Some of the features you can enjoy for free include call recording, environment recording, GPS tracking, Instant Messages tracking, and a keylogger.

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