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People use spying and monitoring apps for different purposes. Parents might use them to keep a close eye on their children who are using their cellphones a little too much, and employers may use them to monitor their employees’ activities on their personal smartphones in the office. Children tend to get into problems over the internet, because they don’t realize the dangers that lurk online. Cyberbullies and criminals alike are waiting to scam and blackmail these unsuspecting children all the time, which makes it important for parents to review their cellphone usage. Similarly, employers need spy apps to keep their employees from scamming them and stealing precious company data. Employers can use apps like mSpy to monitor and review all the communication which takes place on an employee’s device to make sure nothing goes wrong in the company.

Monotony with Monitoring Apps:

With the number of spy services available today on multiple mobile platforms, it’s not easy to stick out of the bunch. Most of the apps have the same feature sets and it becomes hard for developers to make their software stand out. If everyone gives you the same features with the same promises of quality and similar testimonials from the users, what do you do to make sure that the one you choose is different? How does an app make itself stand out from the crowd? Most spy apps give you the ability to monitor the target phone’s communication lines, including calls, SMS, IMs, and more. They also allow you to tap into the phone’s contact lists, gallery, and app lists etc. Many of the more popular spyware try to add something extra in order to stand out, and SpyEra is no different.

BBMs are Still Important:

SpyEra tries to make itself unique by adding the extra feature of reading the target phone’s BBMs, something which some of the leading applications cannot do. This seems like a very basic feature of SpyEra, but people don’t realize that a lot of businesses still use the Blackberry OS. This means that BBMs become the primary source of communication for them. An employee who wants to steal company data may very well use BBMs to communicate with other members of the same firm who are planning this together. After all, who doesn’t love free messaging? BBM has also crawled into the Android world, which means that children are also using it according to their IM needs. So this features does add a lot of value to SpyEra for parents as well.

A Comprehensive Feature Set:

Anyone who is looking for a solid spy service needs the best features. While many apps boast similar features, few of them have the same quality as SpyEra. The user reviews are testimonial enough to its quality. Here are some of the things which SpyEra will allow you to do:

  • Listen to ongoing calls on the target phone as well as have complete access to the call history.
  • Record live chats as they happen. This, in particular, has a great advantage because most of today’s communication takes place over chatting applications. By recording them and letting you see them, you can see in real time what is going on.
  • Access all media files such as photos and videos.
  • Read all text messages, IMs, and emails on the phone.
  • Listen to what is happening around the location of the phone. This feature is especially useful for parents who are worried because their child might be falling into bad company, and for those employers who want to know exactly what their employee is planning against them.
  • Locate the phone’s whereabouts via GPS tracking. This is also helpful for employers who are worried that the employee who is taking a little too many lunch breaks might be going out to meet someone in secret.

Standout Features of SpyEra:

As mentioned before, the most unique feature is the monitoring of the BlackBerry Messenger. Other than this, the software can also let you send spoof messages and place spy calls. You can also remotely control some aspects of the target device. This becomes helpful when you have found out that something is going on, and want to block access to a certain part or app on the target phone to minimize the amount of damage which can be done. What really makes SpyEra more appealing than many others is the fact that with one subscription, you can monitor multiple devices. Because of this, reason parents can use SpyEra to monitor every device which their child owns, or all of their children’s smartphones for the price similar to the cost of many apps just on one device. Employees can also use SpyEra easily, thanks to this, in order to monitor teams of employees much cheaper than with other apps. The biggest drawback of SpyEra however, is the requirement for an iPhone to be jailbroken in order to be able to spy on it. This can be a problem because it limits the amount to which SpyEra can be used. It is not always feasible to go ahead and jailbreak the iPhone of your target, as they may be able to find out about it later. However, in case of children who don’t know that much about their phone, you can perform a jailbreak quite easily or have someone do it instead of you.

Quality with Price:

SpyEra can be had for 3 months if you pay $189. It installs in about four minutes, making it a hassle free app to download and use. SpyEra supports Apple, Blackberry, Android, and Symbian products. It does seem a little too expensive, but it works wonders for those who want to monitor multiple devices. Those are the people that will really be attracted to this app, because there are cheaper alternatives if they want to monitor just one device. SpyEra lacks live customer support chats, but the support staff is quick to respond to any enquiries or problems. Regardless, live chat support is always great to have in a spy app because there can be multiple issues that users may face. Having the ability to chat with support staff in real time saves a lot of time and also gives you the answers you need immediately. The user reviews do mention that email support is pretty quick, therefore the absence of live chat seems like a little drawback. The real attraction that SpyEra holds is for the people who want to use it to monitor multiple people. This is true if we speak about employers who are doubtful of a whole team of their employees plotting against the company and for parents who have more than one child in their home. SpyEra provides quality features and is stable enough to be used for a long time. The addition of BBM monitoring makes SpyEra even more attractive for businesses, and the fact that BBM is now becoming a leading communication app in the Android space as well means that parents may be using this feature a lot too.

For those looking for cell phone monitoring solutions, mSpy is a great alternative. Not only does it have unique features that other software solutions don’t offer, but it’s also incredibly easy to use. mSpy gives users access to all the data on a monitored device, including texts and calls, browser history, emails and more, from any web-browser. It even has special geofencing capabilities that allow you to set up invisible boundaries around certain geographic locations – so if your child steps outside of an area that you’ve set up, you’ll know immediately.

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