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SpyBubble Review

spybubble review

Ever since smartphones became seemingly a necessity in the modern world, concerned parents have been looking for ways to keep an eye on the digital safety of their children. Other than parents, employers find it harder and harder to monitor their employees with BYOD strategies that companies are adopting these days.

That is where spy apps come in. These are useful programs that can get you into anyone’s mobile phone to give you access to their activities. Whether you want to know whether your child is using the right kind of software or not, if your employee is going off to meet someone he shouldn’t be meeting during the ‘lunch’ break, or even if your spouse is cheating on you, spy apps are a great way of knowing exactly what is going on.

As being said, there are so many of these today so you can never know which ones are legit and which ones are a scam. That’s why we are bringing you this review as a testimonial to this particular app’s quality and reliability.

As the mobile world moves forward though, so do these applications, and sometimes it means that support for older devices is nowhere to be found. Luckily, the mobile world has SpyBubble, a spy service supporting both older and newer models. Arguably one of the biggest names in this industry, SpyBubble is one of the best and most reliable services you can get to monitor and review someone’s phone activity.

The Basics Done Well on SpyBubble App

SpyBubble is a software that does not boast any groundbreaking features, nor does it bring anything new to the table. It sticks to the basic functionality that can be found in any other service like monitoring SMS and call logs, emails, IM applications like WhatsApp and iMessage, browser history etc. It records all of these activities and sends them over to an online account which you will have to create with SpyBubble. This account can be accessed by you alone, so it is safe to review the files that you want.

While some people want more and more features from their apps, many would argue that the basics are quite enough to find out the truth about an employee or to keep a watchful eye on teens.

You can also use SpyBubble to listen to the surroundings of the target phone by turning the phone into a live audio transmitter. For employers and doubtful people in a couple, it is a great feature as it can help them find out once and for all if they even should be worried or not. Many couples who have used apps like SpyBubble have found out that they had nothing to worry about after all, and their relationships have been saved as a result.

One of the exciting features which SpyBubble has is its ability to let you disable certain features of the phone through SMS commands. It is useful for parents who want their children to stay away from certain types of apps causing them to start sexting or those which are generally unhealthy for them to use.

Where SpyBubble excels is in the continuous and regular updates it brings. There are a few apps that do this, and SpyBubble is one of them. Updates are very important to fix bugs and other issues in the apps, and it is a testimonial that SpyBubble is an app that wants to grow with its users’ needs.

Limited Customer Support

The major drawback of SpyBubble is customer support. There is no way to have a live chat with the representatives, and the only way to address any issue is via email and that usually takes painfully long. This is by far the worst thing about SpyBubble, as many people need an application that has a strong customer support system to help them out in dire situations.

What’s worrying is the fact that most of the customers who have complained about the extremely delayed customer support are those who asked for a claim to the money-back guarantee they were given. This is something that will keep SpyBubble behind other spyware. User reviews do seem to suggest that the app is no scam, and is very good at what it does. But we do not understand why it chooses to delay its responses to people who ask for their money back.

SpyBubble Cost – Cheap and Versatile

SpyBubble is very cheap when compared with other major apps. It costs only $49.95 for the Standard version and $84.90 for the Pro version. The only extra feature of the Pro subscription plan is the ability to listen to phone calls. This is something only you can decide whether it is worth such a huge bump in price from the Standard version of SpyBubble or not. Because it is just one feature that you are gaining.

However, for people who want some sort of proof against someone, employers particularly, this feature alone can make the difference. Recording a fraudulent employee’s phone calls with whomever he or she is planning to rob you of your data gives you enough proof to hold them accountable for this fraud.

It is also very versatile in the platforms it supports, being one of the few apps to support Windows Mobile as well as Symbian other than the usual Android, iOS, and Blackberry. This support of SpyBubble’s for older platforms is going to be a very attractive feature for many people who are loyal to their older devices.

Not a ‘Spy’ App after All

Now for the most important bit. SpyBubble is not a conventional spy app. It means that the app will be visible in your child’s or employee’s phone, and will send them regular notifications to remind them that they are being monitored. This has the advantage of making SpyBubble a completely legal app to use. Using SpyBubble will ensure that the person you are monitoring either comes out with the truth or stops doing what they are doing. You can even use visible apps like SpyBubble to hold people accountable in court, provided you have proof of some wrongdoing.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Try The 2.02 Beta version. I had the same proeblm like you before trying the 2.02, but now it still can’t show me the sys! It gives me errors, but it still Doesn’t show me the sys! Maybe it won’t be the same for you though!

  2. where to buy spy bubble software
    in malaysia..
    tell me how to do..

  3. Hello Adam,

    Please choose another spyware. Spybubble currently does not cell their products.


  4. Do I have to install it in my targets phone? If so, can you recommend me on i can use without having to touch my targets phone?

  5. Hello Christian,

    In order to track a target mobile device, you need to install a cell phone monitoring program directly to it. Therefore you need onetime physical access to the target device.


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