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Spytech GPS Tracker Review: Good Deal or Complete Waste of Money?

spytech review

As its name implies, the Spytech tracker is primarily designed to help everyday people monitor the whereabouts of their loved ones, employees, and valuables. The app’s high-performance operations make it perfect for just about any monitoring activity regardless of the users’ technical skills.

On the domestic front, it can help users catch a cheating spouse or keep close tabs on their younger ones. On the business front, it’s a handy, cost-effective tracking tool for monitoring the location of your employees, company fleets, and just about any valuable in transit. As a handy tool for tracking valuables, it’s a surefire way to guard against loses and damages to transported goods.

The software’s versatility is the driving force behind its growing popularity, with its worldwide customer base burgeoning by the minute. However, for some customers, other alternative tracking devices may be more suitable for their monitoring campaign. Read on to find out if Spytech is the right location tracking device for you.

Key Features of Spytech GPS Tracker

spytech gps tracker

Spytech GPS trackers are devices with a lightweight, portable form factor that you can easily attach to the target inconspicuously. They come with a very sturdy body designed for heavy-duty use, allowing you to use them many times over whenever you need to track the location of something or someone.

The devices come with multiple slots for USB cords, a memory card, and a SIM card. The package also comes with assembly tools, including a mini-Phillips head screwdriver, a user manual, as well as charging cables that all make it quite easy to set it for use regardless of your level of technical expertise.

The device is paired with a web app accessible from just about any device from Android to iOS, desktops, PCs, and Macs. The mobile version of the web app is relatively lighter than the desktop version, but you’ll still get accurate and detailed results.

The web app basically deploys a Google Maps interface that displays location results based on latitude and longitude coordinates. These location results can be saved or archived for future reference. You can log into your dashboard anytime to view the location history of your target dating days or weeks back.

The app also makes it easy to share these location details with other devices or people. For instance, you can send the saved location files from your office computer to your tablet at home so you can view them offline at a later time, or you can send the location of goods in transit to your customers.

Another key feature of the device is the geofencing settings that send notifications to your device when your target strays beyond a fixed parameter. But one drawback of the geofencing feature is that it doesn’t give precise data of the targets’ whereabouts when they exit the marked area. What you’ll see is a zone circle that suggests an area where your target might be in.

Another great feature of Spytech’s GPS device is its staggering battery life. Once fully charged, the tracking device can remain active for up to 4 – 5 days. That implies you can rely on it to send you location data updates continuously for days on end.

Can You Use Spytech to Spy on iOS?

One obvious design flaw that sounds more like a cost-saving omission is the lack of a standalone mobile spy app. The Spytech web app only works when it’s paired with an active Spytech tracking device. That means you can only receive data on your user dashboard from a Spytech gadget and not an iOS device. Rather than access the location data of your target generated through their iOS devices, you need to find a way to put the tracker on them to get information about their location when using Spytech.

Spytech is primarily designed for tracking cars and goods in transit. It’s limited in its capacity to support spying activities, especially compared to other similar trackers complemented by standalone mobile apps.

Can You Use Spytech to Spy on Android?

If you want a location tracker that takes stocks from Android phones, the Spytech mobile tracker is not for you. You might be better off with other top-notch mobile spy software like mSpy. This software is generally geared towards more comprehensive surveillance campaigns. An app like mSpy provides a vast range of spy tools for monitoring, not just the location but a host of other data related to your target’s activities.

With mSpy, not only will you be able to view your target’s previous and current locations on demand, but you can also view details of their calls, instant messages, shared files, and a host of other types of data points.

The Pros and Cons of Using Spytech GPS Tracking

spytech using


High Accuracy: The one thing that Spytech does very well is to deliver location data with high precision. Thanks to the excellent satellite feed, the device’s GPS signals are highly precise regardless of the target’s location – whether they’re far off in the countryside or a heavily populated urban area. Even where the GPS coverage is very weak, you can still get location data that’s as accurate as 50ft give or take. With good GPS signals, you can pick up your target’s location to a precision of 15 feet give or take.

Real-Time Updates: The location data are generated in real-time. That means you’ll know exactly when your target moves from point A to B. But you can set the frequency of notifications about new location data. You can also set it up to send specific alerts to multiple devices simultaneously.

Highly Reliable Battery Power: Its powerful in-built battery can last you for days on end with a full charge. Once you mount it on the target, you won’t have to worry about taking it down to recharge for several days on-end, which might just long enough to cover a surveillance campaign.

Excellent Vehicle Tracker: With a combination of expedient features like lightweights, sturdiness, highly precise readings, and staggering battery life, Spytech is one of the most reliable vehicle trackers in the markets today. Its firm magnetic base makes it super easy to attach it on and remove from a vehicle.

Anti-Theft Multifunction: It’s also designed to help you keep track of your loved ones and valuables. With this high-precision location reader, you can tell exactly where your valuables or loved ones are anywhere, anytime, simply by accessing your dashboard from any browser.


High running Costs: The cost of keeping the device powered and connected might quickly add up over weeks or months, depending on how frequently you use it. If you’re constantly tracking something or someone with the software, you might incur high monthly data costs.

No Standalone App: As mentioned earlier, if you want to track a target through the phone they always have on them, Spytech is not the right solution for you.

Is There a Spytech Keylogger?

Keyloggers can only work through apps installed on a target device. Spytech doesn’t even have an app you can install on a target device, to begin with, not to mention a keylogger feature in such an app.

If you want a spying app that doubles both as a GPS tracker and a keylogger, you can opt for alternatives like mSpy. With mSpy, you won’t miss a single beat of activities on a target phone. The software keeps records of every single key pressed on the target phone. It also organizes the records in an analysis-friendly layout so you can easily make sense of them.

For instance, you can easily find records of the exact keys the target pressed when browsing or chatting on social media. mSpy’s keylogger can also help reveal your target’s user credentials for various platforms and apps.

Is Spytech Detectable?

Unlike the alternative spy apps mentioned above, Spytech comes in a physical form that makes it much more conspicuous. It’s lightweight and portable, though. You can easily slip it into your target’s purse or pocket, and they’ll most likely not notice an extra weight-bearing down on them.

However, if you need a GPS tracking functionality that’s completely invisible, you should opt for the other alternatives mentioned above. These apps work in the background of the target device, constantly transmitting location data and other types of data from the target phone to your dashboard without leaving behind the slightest clue. Their operations do not require a significant amount of battery power, processing power, or mobile data.


Although it comes with certain drawbacks that limit its capacity to support extensive monitoring campaigns, the Spytech spy app still performs remarkably well when it comes to its primary purpose: tracking physical locations.

It comes with an impressive range of features that makes it quite easy to track the location of your targets, including a web-based tracking app that you can easily access on any smartphone or computer, a high-grade satellite feed that provides highly accurate location readings, and a powerful battery that can serve you constantly for days on end.

However, if you want a more versatile GPS tracker for your spying campaign, you might be better off with an alternative like mSpy. Unlike Spytech, mSpy comes with a host of other spying features besides those for location tracking, including social media monitoring, call, and SMS recording, multimedia file access, browser trackers, keyloggers.

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