Choosing between a variety of similar Android spy apps is no easy task. This full guide will help you decide which spyware for Android performs well and meets all your requirements.

Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android: Modem Solution You May Rely On

You could have a teen child whose online behavior has become sketchy recently, or you simply want to be in on what the kids are doing online while you are away; Android spy apps are an effective way to monitor a device’s online and offline activities. 

Why would you want to use spyware anyway? There are lots of stuff on the Internet, and you want to make sure — as a parent — that the kids aren’t viewing the wrong set of content or speaking with vile characters.

As recent as 2022, the rate of online child abuse spiked by over 200%, a major cause of concern for parents. That’s where spy apps come in. They can help you forestall potentially dangerous situations.

spy apps for android

An effective spy software wouldn’t leave the customary icon traces that a regular application would, and the same applies to its web version. How do you manage an app you can’t see? Spy apps would typically have a cloud-based Control Panel where you can deactivate, uninstall or make changes to the settings.

That said, hidden spy apps have various functions, which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Spyware can trace location data, images, videos, and messages from social networks connected within the device. Providers of stealth spyware for Android generally provide more functionality for Android devices with root access. However, you could come across some products that deliver basic monitoring features for unrooted smartphones.

With the proliferation of numerous Android spy apps on the market, it isn’t immediately clear which one suits your specific needs. The following are some of the best-hidden spy apps we’ve reviewed for the Android platform, with notes on their highlight features, pricing, and pitfalls.

What Is An Android Spy App?

An Android spy app is software that can monitor activities and user actions on Android-based devices. The application lives within an Android smartphone’s root directory and logs activity data remotely to a dashboard the user can access over the Internet.

Spy apps for Android are unlike regular apps; they don’t leave an icon on the home screen and won’t appear in the overview menu. You can use an Android spy app to track other app activities, calls, and messages within a target device.

Best Android Spy Apps to Install at the Moment

spy apps for android

Picking out the right Android spy app requires that you consider the various facets such as the featureset, price, and suitability for your use case. Below are some of the best android spyware we’ve handpicked.


Leading with one of the very best spy apps for Android, mSpy is an excellent option if you wish to monitor critical data in an Android-powered smartphone. Most Android spy app reviews claim that it has the honor of being one of the first hidden spy applications for Android, with a 10-year history. The creators intended mSpy to be a parental control software, but it has picked up a more comprehensive range of use cases in recent times.

The app is a paid one; its premium version requires root access on the Android device. However, the product still provides essential functions without root. The highlight feature of the mSpy app is the Keylogger; it allows you to keep records of every keystroke and inputs in the target device.

mSpy has a broad range of features for unrooted and rooted Android devices.
It offers users a free trial period of 7 days.
The Control Panel has a wide range of settings options.
It doesn’t work on older Android devices.


spybubble banner

SpyBubble excels in convenience and streamlined monitoring operations. Its Control Panel is versatile, and the user can quickly access it within a browser. What’s more? You wouldn’t have to worry about security, as SpyBubble encrypts all collected data, meaning you can only access the information from within the dashboard.

SpyBubble’s Control Panel is browser-based for faster access.
It securely encrypts the spy data.
The subscription plans are relatively lower in price compared to its competitors.
The official website for the software doesn’t have adequate information yet.

Mobile Spy

mobilespy app review

If you seek a spyware solution with more “platform experience,” Mobile Spy offers its products for Android and iOS platforms. For your Android device, the software comes with nifty customizations that allow you to tweak the default options to your desires.

For instance, you can turn off Internet access on the target smartphone by remotely changing the system settings and set up a blacklist. You can also specify the number of restricted zones and get notifications when the target device gets within range. Overall, Mobile Spy affords you a commendable level of spy and tracking options.

The custom options within the app have advanced features.
It works seamlessly across Android and iOS platforms.
The user can access the device wipe-out function if their phone gets lost.
There is a money-back guarantee on the app’s subscription, which lasts for 14 days.
Users cannot reach customer support through live chat.


mxspy review banner

MxSpy is one formidable Android spy app you can use for monitoring activities. The manufacturer intends the software for employers seeking to enforce mobile usage policies, parents, and guardians who may want to keep track of their ward’s online footprint.

You get to choose from a wide range of features, such as GPS location tracking, call management, and SMS recording. You will appreciate that MxSpy reviews show that it runs entirely in the background and would stay hidden from the target for as long as you want.

The app’s initial setup time is minimal.
MxSpy is cloud-based, and users can access their Control Panel on any device with Internet access.
The paid version of the app is cheap.
Its tracking streams are regular and almost uninterrupted.
Customer support may be inefficient.


What Are the Best Spy Apps for Android on the Market?

Objectively, there are many excellent spy apps for Android up for download at the moment. However, it’s essential to learn how to identify a useful spy app for Android.
Most of the solutions require root access to the Android device to deliver their full feature catalog. Without it, the app can only provide the basic features, which might not be ideal. A reliable spy app can still deliver useful functions without rooting. Spy apps such as mSpy and SpyBubble are most usable without root access, making them the best buy for your bucks.

How Can I Find a Spyware App on My Android Smartphone?

The prowess of spyware is often a function of how well it stays hidden while in operation. Thus, there are no conventional ways to find a secret spy app running on your device — unless you use some technical Android root directory methods.
Furthermore, finding a hidden spy app for Android requires that you go through your options, weighing the highlights, pitfalls, and price points that suit your needs. Consider going through a guide such as the one above to weigh your options against your budget.

How Do You Find Secret Texts on Android?

Messages tracking within a spy app enables it to go through native messages, as well as social media texts. However, it’s a feature only a fraction of spyware on the market supports — even at that; these spy apps can only track and record regular messages.
A few solutions, such as mSpy, can track hidden messages on an Android device. It can log messages that are in secret vaults (as in the case of Telegram), complete with timestamps and date. Also, mSpy lets you see deleted messages on the Control Panel once it backs up.

How Can I Spy on an Android Device for Free?

Some spy apps for Android like mSpy offer a free trial period if you wish to try out all spy functions for up to 7 days. Afterward, you get to pay for a subscription plan to continue using the features. An annual subscription package is an excellent option, as it’s one of the most economical plans out there for surveillance software that works.
Nonetheless, you can use other free Android spy app solutions. Bear in mind, though, that you may struggle with limited functions. 

Can Someone Detect mSpy on Android?

mSpy is incredible spyware, and as with all such spyware, it’s virtually impossible to detect the service on an Android device. First, there are no icons on the device’s home screen, and it doesn’t leave its files in the phone’s main directory. It means that antivirus apps won’t detect mSpy’s activities even if it tries to do so.
However, if you set the tracking to “short update interval” on mSpy’s dashboard, the application would intermittently wake the phone, decimating the battery level as a result. It is the only “sign” the spy app would leave, but only the keenest would notice.

Is FlexiSPY Detectable on Android?

No, but it is noticeably not as good as mSpy. FlexiSPY gives you the option to delete its icon on the home screen, which is less secure than mSpy deleting it for you outright. Also, FlexiSPY can turn on the camera at odd times, which could be a giveaway to an observer.

How Can I Track My Android Device’s Activities?

You can start tracking your Android phone by downloading and installing a spy app. You’d have to visit the software’s official website and pay for a subscription. Afterward, it takes you to the download page through a confirmation link. Upon installation, you can log in to a cloud-based Control Panel to make changes and monitor your target device.

How Do I Remove a Spy App from My Android Phone?

The user can only initiate an uninstallation from the Control Panel. The process starts by canceling the ongoing subscription on the account to stop any recurrent billing. Then, you can select the Delete button to eliminate the spyware from the phone.

How Do I Detect Spyware on My Android Smartphone?

You’d first have to check whether your device has root access without your knowledge. There are root checker apps to help you confirm a rooted Android device. If positive, there’s a chance of spyware living on your phone. Also, look out for weird behaviors on the device, such as random wake-ups.

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