Best App to Monitor Snapchat for Your Prying Eyes

Eager to get wind of what your loved ones are doing on Snapchat? They probably like Snapchat because it allows them to outwit you with “Snaps” that clean their tracks effortlessly, so you don’t find anything whenever you snoop up on their phone. According to statistics, 69% of US teens use Snapchat. Hence, a need arises to be more attentive to your kids’ activities online.

Snapchat users can open their apps 30 times per day on average, but their activities are always untraceable. Even if you succeed in hacking their account or stealing their login credentials, you’ll hardly find any history of their activities.

Many messaging apps can easily be spied on with generic hacking tools. But you need a special tool to hack Snapchat.

This is because, unlike other messaging apps, messages sent on Snapchat are set to self-destruct. In order for someone else to get a screenshot of the message you send them through Snapchat, they will need special tools that can save it from vanishing into thin air!

In this guide, we’ll show how Snapchat spy trackers work and the features and specs you should expect from the best tools.

What Is a Snapchat Spy App?

Snapchat stalking apps are unique among spy software in that they provide real-time access to deleted content, making them the only spying app able to capture every keystroke on Snapchat.

This special spying algorithm is increasingly becoming sought-after in the mobile spy market, with more people realizing that their loved ones can go beyond the reach of regular spying tools when they go on Snapchat.

We seasoned spy experts are also amazed by the ingenious solution that Snapchat spy apps provide for the problem of disappearing chats. They don’t need to reach for data records on the target phone or Snapchat user account. They simply intercept incoming and outgoing messages on the platform.

Depending on its quality, a Snapchat tracker app can allow you to monitor various activities your target performs on the platform. A high-quality Snapchat stalker app will enable you to track just about every activity, from private messages to group messages, direct messages, profile updates, shared files, etc.

It also gives comprehensive details of each activity log, including timestamps, senders/recipients, etc.

Now, let’s look at some of the best Snapchat spy apps that offer these top-draw spying features.

Why Use the Snapchat Spy App?

There are a lot of reasons why people may want to see who someone is «Snapchatting.» One of the most primary reasons is parental control. According to the survey, 13.1% of respondents were admitted to sexting on Snapchat. That’s why parents want to be confident that their children use Snapchat safely.

While no business owner wants their employees to waste working time Snapchatting instead of problem-solving, the truth is that cheating on social media apps like this one is becoming increasingly common. That’s why an app for tracking Snapchat activity has become more popular among suspicious partners in relationships.

Top 4 Snapchat Spy Apps to Serve Your Needs

Blow past any security protection on any Snapchat app without breaking a sweat with the best Snapchat spy apps. These Snapchat monitoring apps give you the tools you need to track all the moves your target makes on Snapchat. Hence, with such advanced spy solutions, your Snapchat monitoring would not be rocket science.

mSpy — The Best Snapchat Spy App of 2023

We’re starting with a quintessential Snapchat spy app that meets all the requirements we explained above. mSpy doesn’t really need any introduction; it is the gold standard in the industry. It gives both amateurs and tech-savvy users equal access to turn-key Snap monitoring capabilities.

mSpy Snapchat app allows you to track not only real-time messages but also messages that have been deleted from the target’s phone. You’ll get to track direct messages, group messages, shared multimedia files, and shared location data. What’s more, mSpy enables you to monitor Snapchat both on iPhone and Android devices in a couple of minutes.

mSpy also has one of the most responsive customer care teams. Plus, they offer a 10-day money-back guarantee, which is hardly ever turned in as customer satisfaction is very high.

Allows you to view all conversations on both ends.
An intuitive user interface.
Has advanced Snapchat monitoring features like recovering deleted messages.
Tracks important details such as the time and date stamps of messages.
Works stealthily on the target phone.
Android 4+ phones must be rooted and iOS 7 – 8.4; 9.0 – 9.1 jailbroken to enable the Snapchat spy function.


Like the other Snapchat capture spy apps, SpyBubble is another top-draw Snapchat monitoring tool. It’s also quite easy to install and use, and the advanced features are accessible from a beginner-friendly interface.

With SpyBubble, you get a well-rounded toolset for monitoring Snapchat activities. You’ll get to view all the details of your target’s activities, from the texts, emojis, images, and videos they share to the profile name and profile image of anyone they’re interacting with.

You only need to access your target’s phone once to install the app, and after that, you can log into your dashboard from your device to go through records of their Snapchat activities.

What’s more, SpyBubble frequently offers discounts on their full-package. You can access all these advanced features for just $14.14 per month.

Features many advanced Snapchat spying features like the Snap Map tracker.
Remote control feature to block or delete messages and contacts from the target Snapchat account.
Offers juicy discounts regularly.
Provides proactive online technical support.
As a relatively newer Snapchat spy app, it falls short in terms of credibility.
The Snapchat spy feature works only on rooted Android phones and jailbroken iOS devices.


Another excellent Snapchat spy app, FlexiSPY, comes with many ingenious features that allow for easy Snapchat monitoring. It simplifies Snapchat spying from start to finish, allowing for easy installation, simple tracking, and stealth operations.

To further simplify Snapchat monitoring, FlexiSPY integrates keyword filters and keyword alerts. The keyword filters allow you to search for Snapchat messages containing certain keywords, and the keyword alert notifies you of any incoming or outgoing message containing a specific keyword.

To end your spying campaign or clean your tracks if your target is on to you, you simply need to click a few buttons.

What’s more, the FlexiSPY Snapchat app provides you with several other advanced phone spying tools you can hardly find in most spy apps, from remote camera activators to keyloggers and a host of others.

Provides comprehensive details of messages and shared files, including the time and date stamp and the names of the senders/receivers.
Comes with a keyword alert and keyword filters.
Offers 50+ spying features at an affordable price.
No non-jailbreaking installation option for iOS.

Mobile Spy

With over 150,000 loyal customers across the world, Mobile Spy is one of the most reputable, reliable spy apps out there. Its capacity to intercept Snapchat messages in real-time is winning over more customers by the day. It gives users the capacity to track all activities on Snapchat, including shared multimedia files and location data. It also allows users to see the profiles of their target’s Snapchat contacts.

According to Mobile Spy reviews, users can easily access the Snapchat spy tools as well as other spying tools from a neat, intuitive interface.

Gives access to texts, shared multimedia files, and Snapchat contact.
Backs up messages and files to allow for future access even if they’ve been deleted.
Offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.
Works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices
It doesn’t offer an iOS version