No matter where you live and what you do in life, chances are that you are familiar with the various social platforms that seem to have taken over the online world these days. And as if websites like Facebook and Twitter weren’t enough, a host of social apps have taken over the mobile world as well. Many of these allow users to connect with their friends and family through their phone numbers but some, like Kik Messenger, do things a little differently.

Users can make anonymous accounts on the platform and make ‘friends’ to chat with. They can share photos, videos, and more through the app. The danger with such apps is that your child can be contacted by a complete stranger. These strangers can then turn out to be child predators and stalkers who have carefully marked their targets and are now pretending to be friends with them. Children have been known to fall prey to such predators. These stalkers make a great impression on young children and then ask them for a personal meeting. You can imagine the things such events can lead to.

Parents should find some solace in the fact that there are many spy apps that can help them track their kids’ Kik activities.

Spying On Kik Made Easy

These apps let you keep an eye on their Kik messages, their contacts, the photos and videos that they are sharing, as well as any online links they share with others. These apps are a great way for parents to find out exactly who is contacting their children. Reading through their interactions with strangers, you can figure out who is trying to gain their trust for the wrong reasons.

A Straightforward Process

Spying on someone’s Kik Messenger activity is a very simple process. The important thing to keep in mind, however, is to choose the spy app that is best suited to your needs. While most spy apps will let you track the same features of Kik Messenger, some are better and more stable than others. It is a good practice to do some research and read through some user reviews for the app you are considering. After choosing an app, all you have to do is install it on a phone and start receiving tracked data.

If you are worried about your children’s safety over Kik Messenger and are looking for a spy app to use, we have gathered the best options for you to consider.



If you want complete stealth while tracking your children’s activities, Copy9 is a great option. It allows you to track Kik Messenger, as well as many other popular IM applications. This is a completely undetectable tracking solution for all parents who want to keep their kids safe from dangerous predators.



If you wish to use an app that takes tracking a little too seriously, consider MobiStealth. It not only lets you track the messages and media sent over Kik Messenger, but also helps you take extreme measures if need be. For example, if you see your child interacting with a stranger through Kik and then going out to meet them, you can turn their device into a bug and listen to whatever is being talked about. You can also record phone calls to see who your child’s newly found ‘friend’ really is.

Web Watcher

WebWatcher logo

Web Watcher is an app for those whose children have a device other than iOS or Android. Many spy apps don’t extend their services to PCs, but Web Watcher does. It supports iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Mac.

Web Watcher works in a similar fashion to other spy apps on this list. You install it on the target phone and it sends the recorded data to you for review. The app also has a very good customer support system as well, leading to the generation of a very loyal user base.



If your children are not listening to your constant warnings about the dangers of interacting with strangers over Kik Messengers, you can use TheTruthSpy to make sure that they safe. It allows you to secretly monitor your kid’s phone through regular updates. You can use the app not only to see who your kids are talking to, but also to block incoming calls from a certain number you think might belong to a ‘friend’ from Kik.


ispyoo review

Another app that lets you listen to the target phone’s surroundings, iSpyoo is a good choice for your Kik Messenger tracking needs. It can be installed on Android and iOS phones, and then it will silently track whatever you need it to. You can access the phone’s media library as well to see if your children are taking inappropriate photos of themselves to share with some stranger over Kik.


flexispy box review

Perhaps the most invasive app on this list, Flexispy doesn’t hold back when it comes to spying on someone. If you think your child is in personal contact with a predator he or she met via Kik Messenger, Flexispy allows you to block SMS and MMS messages coming from their number. If that’s not enough, the app lets you go full detective by allowing you to impersonate the target phone’s owner so that you can talk to the potential predator personally.