eyeZy App Review: The What’s and Why’s of eyeZy

When searching for spy apps, the most important factors to consider are feature variety, ease of use, and stability. eyeZy scores high across all these criteria, making a solid case as the best phone tracking software.

eyeZy has all the markers of a dominant brand that’ll give most other spy apps a good run for their money. Though a fresh release, it’s clear that eyeZy is a next-generation app created from steep years of experience and ingenuity. It’s introduced new features and functions that most other spy apps can only hope to emulate.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned phone tracker user, eyeZy has all it takes to give you a remarkable tracking experience. 

In this eyeZy software review, we’ll put eyeZy under our lenses to examine what makes it truly unique.

What Is eyeZy?

A next-gen phone tracking app, eyeZy, introduces AI to phone tracking on a grand scale. AI is used to turn basic spying features up a notch, providing users with richer and more accurate reports about their target’s activities. 

eyeZy’s superior tracking features give you all you need to stay in the loop of your target’s activities. From calls to texts, browsing activities, physical movements, and activities on various apps, eyeZy tracks everything your target does on their phone, down to the last detail.

Now, what’s the catch to these mold-breaking features? eyeZy is a pocket-friendly app – definitely not one of those over-priced spy apps that can make you reconsider your tracking plans. Parents, employees, and relationship partners can deploy eyeZy to get wind of relevant events around them without feeling a pinch from the cost. 

The app’s wide compatibility also makes it all the more convenient. You can use it on just about any iOS or Android device. 

There are different eyeZy install modes to choose from depending on your tracking needs and technical expertise. You can choose the jailbreak/root or the non-jailbreak/non-root method. But either way, you’ll get all the technical support you need all the way and even during usage.

How Does eyeZy App Work?

eyeZy comes with a Friendly Installer that totally simplifies the setup process. All you need to do is purchase your subscription and then follow the Installer’s lead. In total, it’ll take you just a couple of minutes to do all of this from start to finish. 

Here are the steps in detail:

Step 1. Purchase Your Subscription

Hit the ‘Try Now’ button on the app’s official site and provide your email on the sign-up form, select the type of device you’re targeting, and then choose a suitable subscription plan. This won’t take you more than a minute or two.

Step 2. Install the App

The next step is to install the app following the Friendly Installer, along with other important account details in the email confirming your subscription. Depending on the route you take – non-jailbreaking/non-rooting or otherwise, the installation may take up to 5-10 minutes, and you may also require access to the target phone at least once. 

Step 3. Start Monitoring Your Target

Now, all you’ll need is a good internet connection and some personal time to enter your user dashboard and scroll through your target’s activity logs. If you meet any fork down the road, eyeZy’s technical support team is always happy to come to the rescue.

Features of eyeZy

Your user dashboard will be packed full of information to help you paint a clear picture of your target’s activities. The data are generated and sorted through a proprietary AI-powered algorithm, significantly increasing your chances of making well-informed decisions. 

Here’s a breakdown of the app’s outstanding features:

Social Spotlight

This feature monitors texts from SMS, social media apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, email, and other sources) on the target’s device. 

Keystroke Capture

Records every key pressed on the target phone and presents them in an AI-generated report that enables instant understanding of the keypresses.


Pinpoint is a feature that also uses AI to present a highly accurate report of your target’s previous and current locations. It also gives you a report of their Wi-Fi connections. 

Web Magnifier

Follow your target through the web with an AI-powered browser tracker that curates their web activities with high clarity. 

Plans Breaker

Another AI-powered functionality that pieces together data from Calendar, Notes, and even browser history to uncover your target’s tracks.

Files Finder

Gives you a front-row view of their media library, from photos to videos, audio, eBooks, etc.

Connection Blocker

One of the eyeZy parental control features gives you control over your target’s activities online and on various apps. You can even block their Wi-Fi networks to shut down internet access. 

Phone Analyzer

A rather catchy name for a call tracker, Phone Analyzer gives you full details of all your target’s incoming and outgoing calls.

Which Devices Is eyeZy Compatible With?

One of the reasons why eyeZy is fast becoming a go-to spy app is its wide compatibility. eyeZy iPhone works on just about any iOS device, including those with the oldest versions of iOS. eyeZy for Android also works on any Android phone, so long as the phone has version 4 or older of Android. That’s just about any Android phone you can find these days; phones running older Android versions were released more than a decade ago and are most likely out of circulation. 

As such, with eyeZy, your phone tracking options are not likely to be limited by your target’s devices. You’ll most likely be able to deploy high-tech, reliable phone tracking capabilities in stealth or open mode, based on your discretion. 

Note, however, that the non-jailbreaking setup only works on iPhones with iOS 7 and newer versions. For older devices, your tracking might be possible when the phone is jailbroken. 

The ‘Social Spotlight’ works only on rooted Android phones. And if you can’t guarantee that your target’s messages will be synced to their iCloud, you might need to jailbreak the iPhone to track them through direct access to the local storage.

Nevertheless, it’s always advisable to investigate the support for your device on the app’s compatibility page before purchasing your subscription.

Is eyeZy Legal?

eyeZy’s terms of service explicitly declare the app is meant for use only in legal, ethical contexts. The app is primarily designed to help parents keep their kids under check and employers who need to track productivity in the workplace. These use cases are legal in most places.

But ultimately, the legality of using eyeZy boils down to applicable laws in each user’s locality. The onus is on the user to cross-check local privacy laws and ensure their tracking plans are on the right side of the law.

How Much Does eyeZy Cost?

The cost of using eyeZy every day is roughly the equivalent of your morning cup of coffee. You can access the app’s massive arsenal of high-tech spying tools for around $1 per day. The same rate applies regardless of the type of phone, whether it’s the latest Samsung Galaxy or a good old-fashioned iPhone 4. 

Here’s an actual pricing list for eyeZy:

  • 1 month – $47.99/mo
  • 3 months – $27.99/mo
  • 12 months – $9.99/mo


Is My Kid’s Phone Compatible With eyeZy?

eyeZy can run stably with its full range of features on any Android phone running Android 4 or newer versions. All iPhones are supported, but the jailbreaking method works only on phones with iOS 7 and newer versions.

What Is Geofencing and How to Use It to Keep Your Children Safe?

eyeZy offers a geofencing feature that keeps you informed about your children’s whereabouts – especially when they move from a predetermined location. When you set up geofencing, you’ll be notified of the instance your kids stray off the designated location.

Can I Use eyeZy Anywhere?

Once you set up the app on your target phone, all you’ll need is a reliable internet connection and some time alone to check up on your target’s activities. Even if your target travels halfway across the world, you can still track every move they make on their device. eyeZy stores copies of your target’s phone data on a remote server, which can be accessed via your user dashboard anytime from any part of the globe – so long as you have an internet connection.

Is eyeZy detectable?

eyeZy’s has an Invisible Shield feature that lets you decide whether to leave eyeZy hidden or visible on the target phone.

Final Thoughts 

That’s all you need to know about eyeZy. In this eyeZy monitoring app review, we’ve shown why eyeZy stands out from the rest. The app is disrupting the industry, adding more value to regular phone tracking software.

It uses AI to improve the usefulness of each feature, presenting more in-depth details in a way that’s much easier to understand.

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