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SpyFone App Review: A Flawless Phone Tracker App?

SpyFone is marketed as one of the most advanced spy apps for beginners available in the markets today. The creators line up a massive array of both basic and advanced spy features that literally leave no stone unturned in a spying campaign. However, it appears that the app is garnering more negative reviews than positive ones on the web, and the creators’ claims may not be totally infallible after all.

Is SpyFone a legit spy app that’s here to stay and serve customers with highly advanced yet newbie-friendly spying tools, or is it another fly-by-night spying software that’s here to rip off a few unsuspecting victims? Read on to find out our findings of SpyFone.

What Does the SpyFone App Really Have to Offer?

What Does the SpyFone App Really Have to Offer

Most of the complaints about the app seem to come from customers monitoring non-rooted phones. It seems the app is primarily designed to work on rooted phones. According to several anecdotes of real-life users, the app easily gets uninstalled with a simple reboot or reset of the target phone when installed on unrooted phones. That means that rooting is required not only to enable certain features of the app but to keep the app installed and running on the target phone permanently.

According to the creators, some of the key features of the app include:

  • Call records: The app promises to give you constant access to the calls sent and received on the target phone. The records also include the audio recordings of the phone conversations.
  • SMS records: This feature lets you track all the sent and received text messages, and even deleted ones.
  • Browser log: With this feature, you can view the reams of web pages opened on the target’s browser anytime, anywhere.
  • Remote mic activation: This feature is supposed to allow you to activate the target’s mic remotely to listen to their conversations or audio clues from the surrounding.
  • Keylogger: The creators also claim to integrate a highly sensitive, reliable keylogger in the app, but many customers have complained that this feature is unreliable, as are many of the other features.

How to Use SpyFone for iOS?

You might not need to have physical access to the target phone anytime at all to monitor it – not to install the app on the phone or jailbreak the phone. You can simply obtain all the target’s phone data you need by tapping into their iCloud account. But for that to happen, your target’s iOS device must have their iCloud syncing function active and must not be protected by two-factor authentication.

Here are all the steps involved in setting up SpyFone to spy on iOS devices with the no-rooting method:

Step 1. Set Up Your SpyFone Account

Sign up for your SpyFone account on the app’s official website and then select a suitable iOS subscription plan.

Step 2. Set Up the App on Your Device

How to Use SpyFone for iOS

Download and run your SpyFone app on your phone with the download link sent in your confirmation email. On the app’s home page, enter your target’s iCloud credentials.

Step 3. Begin Monitoring Your Target

And that’s all you need to do to begin tracking your target on your phone using SpyFone. From then on, your dashboard should be constantly updated with all the target phone information you need.

How to Use SpyFone for Android?

As earlier noted, you might need to root a target Android phone to run SpyFone on it. If it’s convenient for you to handle your target’s phone physically to reinstall the app now and then when the phone is rebooted or reset, you might be able to make do with the app.

If you can go without-rooting installation, here are all the steps you need to take:

Step 1. Set Up Your SpyFone Account

Open the app’s official site on your device, and then fill out the sign-up form with your details. After that, you’ll be asked to select a suitable Android subscription plan. Once you’re done making payments, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Step 2. Install the App on the Target Phone

Open your confirmation email and then follow through with the installation instructions. You need a few minutes of handling the target phone to get this done.

Step 3. Begin Monitoring Your Target

After installing the app on the target phone, you can then log into your user dashboard anytime, anywhere, to catch up with your target’s phone activities.

Is SpyFone Detectable?

It seems the only way you can rest assured of a proper installation of SpyFone on the target phone is by rooting the phone. According to numerous customer reviews, the app seems to be unstable and unreliable with missing features and functions when installed on an unrooted phone. That means that there’s a good chance that the app might malfunction and fail to stay hidden in the target phone if the phone has not been rooted.

Also, the mere fact that it’s likely to become uninstalled, requiring reinstallation whenever the phone is restarted or reset, makes it all the more unreliable.

If you’re looking for a great alternative to traditional tracking apps, mSpy could be just the thing. Not only is it easy to download and install, but it’s also fast and highly configurable. It has a surprisingly powerful feature set that includes such extras as geo-fencing, remote screenshots, and video streaming. What really sets mSpy apart, however, is its powerful undetectability functions. The app operates securely in the background to monitor activity without alerting the user – it runs silently and invisibly at all times.

Is SpyFone Safe?

Given the fact that several reports suggest that the app doesn’t deliver on its promises, the app might just not be a safe investment for you, after all. Besides being unstable when installed on an unrooted phone, the app is also said to lock out many of its features frequently, denying users who paid for them access when they need to use them.

To boot, many customers have also complained about the app’s makers’ failure to come through with their refund policy. In the first place, their refund policy states that refunds may be issued under the circumstances they deem “reasonable,” so they can as well regard your refund claims as unreasonable.

Final Words

With all the negative reviews surrounding the app, it’s advisable to tread carefully when opting for SpyFone for your spying campaign. At best, the app might give you access to your target’s SMS, call logs, social media messages, and other basic info. However, numerous reports show that many of the app’s advanced features are unreliable, especially if the target phone has not been rooted. Given the app’s upscale price, it might just not be worthwhile in the end.

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