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SpyHuman Spy App Review: Is It The Best Phone Spy App?

SpyHuman Spy App Review

With a large number of spy applications on the market, it can be hard to find out the details of each one. Here, we’re going to be providing an in-depth review of the SpyHuman spy app. Does SpyHuman really work? Is it the right spy app for you? These are just some of the questions that we’re going to be answering.

After reading this article, you should have a good idea of the features SpyHuman has, how to go about installing the software, and problems that individuals have faced with using this application.

How Does SpyHuman App Work?

SpyHuman is a mobile monitoring app that can be installed on your target’s phone. It’ll extract all details from your target’s phone and send it through to your device to have access to all of its information. The company prides itself on being a powerful and reliable monitoring solution and claims that its features have gone through rigorous testing.

Once the app is installed on the phone, it runs in the background and completely hides, so it’s undetectable. By utilizing this app’s basic version, you’ll access features, such as GPS tracking and text message monitoring. However, you will have to upgrade to the Premium version to access all of its features.

SpyHuman was founded upon the premise of being able to provide a reliable solution to countless consumers. One of its main selling points is that the website states that no rooting is required – unlike many other applications in the market.

Below, we’ve provided a snapshot of some of the features SpyHuman provides:

  • Monitoring call logs. With SpyHuman, you can monitor the call logs of the target device. You’ll also receive contact information, the date and time of all calls along with the call duration. You can also record and block calls on the target phone.
  • Tracking text messages. All incoming and outgoing messages can be tracked, including date and time stamps. You won’t see deleted text messages, though.
  • Monitoring the target device’s location. You’ll check your target’s whereabouts, remotely monitor the routes usually traveled by your target, and receive the address and details of a location.
  • Having access to contact details. With SpyHuman, you’ll receive all contact information stored on the target’s phone from numbers to specific details.
  • Accessing to social media. Through the app, you can monitor both WhatsApp and Facebook messages. While you’ll receive the time and date stamps along with contact details, the app won’t give you access to other social media applications, such as Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Browsing details. You can track browsing history data, view frequently visited sites, and receive URLs of visited sites. There is also an option to block specific websites that may be dangerous or unsavory.
  • Live recording. The app has a live recording feature where you can listen to what people are saying remotely.
  • File Explorer. You can monitor the target device’s files, such as files in internal storage, saved media files, etc.
  • Multimedia files monitoring. Have access to a range of images and photos in the target device.
  • Restrictions. If you need to restrict or control the device’s usage, you can block website and camera access, certain apps, and even remotely disable or enable Wi-Fi.
  • App tracker. It allows you to check the currently installed apps on the device, the daily usage rate, and the date and time stamps of installation.
  • Theft protection. Notifies you if there’s been a change in SIM card or if the phone is lost or stolen.
  • Device information. You’ll have access to the battery level, software, and operating system, time and date systems, internal storage information, etc.

All of these features above can be accessed from SpyHuman’s user-friendly interface that doesn’t require any technical expertise to operate. The Control Panel will also list the 10 most dialed calls made on the target device, so you’ve got an idea of who they’re communicating with the most.

The Pricing System 

There are two different pricing plans for SpyHuman. There’s a trial plan for 7-days for one device, and it comes with ads along with limited storage. The other is the Premium plan, which comes at a SpyHuman Premium price of $9.99 per month per device. 

Various payment options, such as credit cards and wire transfer, are allowed. The SpyHuman price isn’t an overly expensive one, but it comes with a refund policy that’s not straightforward. However, Users are entitled to a refund within 48 hours following the time of purchase.

How Does SpyHuman Work for the iPhone?

Perhaps one of the greatest downfalls of this app is that it doesn’t work for the iPhone. You can’t use it on any iPhone at all, but you can use it on Android devices. This can be disappointing for iPhone users that were looking to try the app.

How Does SpyHuman Work for Android?

SpyHuman is designed for Androids, so it’s compatible with Android devices only. It’s not compatible with all Android devices; your Android has to be operating on Android version 3.0 and higher. 

While the app says that no rooting is required, you may have to root your phone to access some of the app’s more advanced features. However, with basic features, such as call logs and call recordings, you won’t need to root the device.

How to Install SpyHuman? 

Below, we’ve provided some detailed information on how to go about with your SpyHuman download and installation. 

1. Register for a SpyHuman account on the website. You’ll have to create an account on the website with a valid email address and then verify your email.

2. Download the SpyHuman apk from the official website before downloading it on your target Android device.

3. Enable unknown sources on the phone’s settings so that you’ll successfully install the downloaded app.

4. Follow the full installation guide listed on the SpyHuman website. It’s a relatively lengthy process that’s not exactly the easiest process.

5. Configure it to ensure that everything is in order. The necessary permissions will also have to be provided following the operating system requirements.

6. After the app is installed, the SpyHuman icon will disappear, so the individual will not know that their device is being monitored.

7. Once the installation is complete, you can head to SpyHuman.com, login, and fill in all the necessary details to access the SpyHuman admin panel.

Once you sign in, all of the features are on the left side of the panel. If you want to access any of the features, just click on the panel, and you’ll view all the needed information. For example, if you want to view your target’s browsing history, just click on the browsing history data icon, and you’ll have access to the frequently visited sites, time and date stamps, etc. 

SpyHuman Problems 

How Does SpyHuman App Work

While SpyHuman comes with numerous features and has its positives – as detailed above, it also comes with a slew of problems. After researching and listening to what some of the customers that utilized SpyHuman had to say, we’ve come up with a list of some of the problems encountered below:

1. Customer care. Having good customer service is key, but plenty of customers have reported that they were offered unsatisfactory solutions, and their needs weren’t taken care of.

2. Incorrect information is given. While SpyHuman indicates that they have a basic version, which isn’t a paid one, once you install the application, you’re automatically directed to a purchase page.

3. Uninstallation issues. Numerous customers have mentioned that after they have installed the app, they cannot uninstall the application on the target device.

4. Voice call error. There have also been issues reported of individuals not being able to hear voice calls on SpyHuman.

5. It cannot be removed remotely. If you want to remove SpyHuman, you can’t do so remotely. You need to access the target device to remove the app physically. It’s not a straightforward process as you’ll have to head to the admin panel, find a unique code, and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Final Thoughts

As seen above, SpyHuman does come with a good range of features. However, it isn’t as extensive as some of the other apps. If you want more complex monitoring features and one that can be used on an iPhone, you’d definitely want to look for an alternative spy app.  If you wish to contact SpyHuman, you may also face some difficulties. There are also quite a few problems identified with the SpyHuman app, and hence we’d have to give this app a subpar score.

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