ispyoo review

iSpyoo Review

The digital world has progressed so rapidly that everything we do is dictated by technology to a large extent. From small and simple activities like checking your email to something like booking a flight, everything is done via smartphones in today’s day and age.

This dependency on smartphones has led our children to develop a close affinity to them. They are more invested in the various aspects of their gadgets than in the realities of life. Children can also get into the hands of scam artists and online predators without ever realizing the dangers associated with it. That is one reason why parents today want to have a constant eye on their children’s smartphone activities. One way to do that is to make use of spy apps like iSpyoo that can be discreetly installed on any target phone.

Introducing iSpyoo

iSpyoo is an app lets you monitor your child’s or employee’s smartphone activities remotely and then lets you access all the information through your secure, personal online account. iSpyoo allows you to:

  • Monitor iMessages and text messages.
  • Access information, including the date and time, of all websites visited.
  • View the favorite and bookmarked webpages.
  • Monitor calls made with applications like Viber and Skype.
  • Access WhatsApp and Facebook messages.
  • Listen in on calls.

To enhance the functionality, iSpyoo also lets you turn the target device into a bug which can help you listen to the surroundings. iSpyoo also gives you access to the media library of the phone and you can see what date and what time a picture was taken as well. The features that iSpyoo provides are enough for whatever you may want to do with a spy app.

The Dark Side of iSpyoo:

Despite boasting an impressive array of features, iSpyoo fails to deliver. The customer reviews about iSpyoo are a testimonial to this bad performance. The most common complaint is about the bad customer support that iSpyoo provides. Many users complain that the paid membership of iSpyoo hasn’t brought any good results and that the features of the app don’t work as advertised. This makes for a pretty poor experience. The main point of using a spy app like iSpyoo is to have something that is stable and that works. Customer support is very important in any spy app because not everyone is born with a tech savvy personality and they need help if something goes wrong.

Poor Compatibility:

A spy app, such as iSpyoo, needs to understand that not everyone in the world is invested in Android or iOS devices. Many apps provide support for phones running different operating systems including Windows, Blackberry, and Symbian. iSpyoo does none of that. iSpyoo is compatible with Apple and Android products without any support for Windows Mobile, Blackberry, or Symbian. This lack of platform support makes iSpyoo a lesser app than others. iSpyoo costs $16.99 for the Standard package, $19.99 for the Premium, and $22.99 for the Gold. Each one has more features available than the last. iSpyoo also allows you to test it completely free for 48 hours. Perhaps the reason for the low price is that iSpyoo isn’t that stable an app. The testimonial of a good spy app are the customer reviews, and iSpyoo suffers heavily in that department. There are many scam apps available on the market that people buy unknowingly. That doesn’t mean that iSpyoo is one of those scam apps, but it just doesn’t have enough to be recommended over some other big names in the spy app world.


There are a lots of better alternatives when it comes to iSpyoo services, including pricing, features and customer support. One of the top brands in this niche is MSpy, which you can check by clicking the button below:

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  1. I want this gold version but i wanna PayPal whit paysafe card is that possible.

  2. It’s hard to say for sure. It would be better for you to ask their Sales Department regarding this type of service.

  3. Been using ispyoo for about 18 months on 2 android Samsung galaxy phone. Only took about 2 solid minutes to download, install, and hide (plant) the software the first time. Reliable 90% of the time, about 1 every 2 weeks the data delays in “syncing” for a few hours. Then it catches up. Without rooting or unlocking, I can track GPS location every 15 minutes, sync and see text and calls live, with sycning every 5 minutes…..also view websites visited and pictures taken with phone’s camera. Additionally, I can also turn the phone call recording feature on to record calls. Lastly, I can make the phone into a bugging device, allowing it record for up to 20 minutes or so at a time of the ambient surroundings. Very cool feature. Internet via 3g or 4g or Wifi connectivity is required of course for the host phone. Main issue is the customer service, they only get back to you when you start a new account or are cancelling a account, or issue with billing, otherwise actual “tech” support is non existent. But luckily it is a user intuitive software that took only couple days to master. Please be aware, that in 18 months I have had to erase and reinstall this software (free of charge) twice on each phone, due to it seemingly stopped working randomly. I believe this was due to phone updates with Samsung. Otherwise no big deal and for $22 usd a month I am more than satisfied.

  4. your software is a scam!!!! I am talking from personal exprience. l purchased your software which was supposed to be valid for 30 days and it hardly worked 5 days. after that l was booted out. if l try logging it denies me acces also your technical team never responded to my appeals…

  5. I want trail first

  6. I want trail first

  7. Hello Nakul,

    Please visit iSpyoo website and ask support for a trial version.


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