XNSPY App Review: Is It an Affordable Tool for a Proper Spying?

XNSPY App Review

Owning Internet-connected smartphones enables us to do different things at once within our personal space. However, the privacy that comes with using personal mobile devices encourages secrecy. For instance, children can get involved with shady people, view inappropriate content online, get scammed, and even bullied. Likewise, spouses may get involved in extra-marital affairs without the knowledge of their significant others. Even workers can leak company secrets, cheat the company, or embezzle funds from their organizations. 

With cybercrime cases, online infidelity, and other suspicious mobile activities on the rise, many turn to spy apps to ensure the safety of their loved ones. There are different types of monitoring apps, all offering various spy features. Selecting the best one to use may be somewhat confusing. That’s why we’re here; to make it easier for you.

Below, we’ve put together a complete review of one of the best mobile spy apps on the market, XNSPY. Find out what you need to know about the app and decide if it’s the best spyware for your monitoring needs.

Features of XNSPY

Features of XNSPY

XNSPY is one of the best cell phone monitoring apps on the market. With millions of users worldwide, this mobile tracking software provides users with all the information about their target devices. XNSPY works by collecting data about everything you want to monitor from the target phone and reporting such to you privately. There are several different things you can track with the XNSPY app. Some of these special spying features include:

  • Calls and Text Messages Tracking

XNSPY records all incoming and outgoing calls made on the monitored phone, including the mobile numbers involved, and reports to you. This app also does the same for text messages and multimedia messages sent and received on the other person’s device. The app can show you messages that were deleted from the target device too.

  • Contacts List Monitoring

XNSPY provides you with a complete list of all contacts saved on the target phone. And every time the target saves a new contact, your list gets updated.

  • Social Media Apps Monitoring

Is your target person more active on social media networks? XNSPY has you covered! It enables you to keep an eye on several social media platforms, and even iMessage (for iOS device users). Whether it’s Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or one of the myriad social networking sites, you can monitor your target’s posts and even messages.

  • Location Tracking

Are you worried about where your child goes after school hours? Or where your husband goes to after work, keeping late hours away from home? Could your concern be your staff’s whereabouts during office hours? XNSPY can provide these answers and more. Its accurate, real-time GPS location tracking enables you to track the other person’s movements easily.

  • Surroundings Recording

What happens after tracking their location, but you can’t understand why they’re there? Simple, record their surroundings. With the XNSPY app, you can remotely activate the target device’s microphone and record sounds from their environment. This feature doesn’t just work for surroundings alone; you can also record calls made on the target device, get logs of email addresses and passwords, etc.

Other features millions of users find helpful include:

  • Locking the target device remotely.
  • Blocking app installations and access to some websites.
  • Recording of web browser history and bookmarks.
  • Keylogging – records every keystroke typed on the target phone.
  • A watchlist feature that tells when a target types certain restricted words.
  • An anti-theft feature that alerts once the phone goes off or after a SIM change.

Despite these fantastic features, there are a few demerits and merits of the XNSPY app. Let’s take a look at some of them:

It’s simple to install and has a user-friendly interface.
The app has an excellent customer service team that’s available 24/7.
It offers a live demo version for you to try out its features.
It offers advanced monitoring features.
It may not work on Symbian phones.

How to Use XNSPY on iOS Devices?

How to Use XNSPY on iOS Devices?

This monitoring app works perfectly on iOS devices. Suppose your target uses an iPhone, choose between going for the XNSPY Jailbreak Version or the XNSPY No Jailbreak Version. Most users shy away from the jailbroken version due to the technicalities involved. 

The non-jailbreak version is straightforward to use. All you need to start spying is the target phone’s Apple ID and password. With that, you can remotely install the app and start spying. The no-jailbreak version is compatible up to the latest iOS 14.0.1.

The jailbreak version requires you to access the target device for installation physically. The installation process is straightforward – download from Cydia after jailbreaking and install. This version comes with more advanced spying features, but it only works with iOS version 5 to 9.0.3.

How to XNSPY on Android?

For Android devices, users have to install the app on the target device physically. Installation is simple:

  1. Buy a subscription plan on the app’s website.
  2. Download the app on the target phone following the instructions you receive after purchasing your plan.
  3. Install and activate the app.
  4. Start monitoring from your dashboard.

Is XNSPY Detectable?

No, the app stays in 100% stealth mode while spying on your target. In other words, it will remain hidden after installation on any target device. It will neither show in the installed app list or app drawer. Hence, while keeping tabs on your loved ones, you can be pretty sure that they will not have even the slightest idea that you’re spying on them. 

Is XNSPY Safe?

Is XNSPY Safe?

Yes, this spy software prides itself on keeping the details of their users safe and secure. Also, the target devices cannot get breached with XNSPY, so all target information is safe. That said, even though the app may require jailbreaking an iPhone or rooting an Android device, you can rest assured of the safety of doing so.

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to keep track of your digital devices, mSpy is definitely worth considering. Unlike other options, mSpy is incredibly straightforward and easy to use. There’s no need to spend hours learning complicated features or navigating through convoluted menus – all the settings are available right on the home page. Plus, mSpy has some unique features that other versions don’t offer. For example, you can easily monitor calls and messages without having to install any extra software.


XNSPY is an excellent choice for those who desire a monitoring app. Its various basic and advanced spying features plus the app’s ease of use and impressive customer support team make it one of the world’s top spy apps right now. So why not give it a try? It’s highly recommended!

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