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"Here's how you can guarantee the
secrets you hide on your Mac
stay secret permanently..."

...Announcing The World's First Electronic Safe Deposit Box for all that private information you really, really want to keep private...

Chances are, if you're like me, there are things you feel are no one else's business. Things you don't want them to know about you. 

But how safe is that data that defines you? How secure is your social security number? Your passwords to certain websites? In other words...

...stuff you just don't want anyone to know about you -- or who you are! 

Yet, it's hard to make sure no one else can "accidentally" discover something that's none of their business when you're away from your computer.

At the same time, you don't want to have to memorize a laundry list of passwords -- or, a bunch of places where you hid this or that bit of information. 

Yet, on a given day, you will probably need access to all this information you want to keep private. The problem is that this is dangerous data in the wrong hands and it has to remain in your possession. 

That's why we created PocketMac® SecureNotes™...it's the first-ever software that acts as a safe deposit box for your Macintosh. It will safely store everything from your Driver's License # to your auto insurance policy number as well as source code snippets for you developers out there. Even entire movies you want to keep private and safe.

Here's how it works...

PocketMac SecureNotes is built on top of an encrypted database. What this means is that every time you add a new record, whether it's a driver's license number or a social security number, or movies or photos, the application automatically adds that entire item to its encrypted database. It only unlocks the data if you have the right password to view it. 

Here's a sample of what a typical page of PocketMac SecureNotes looks like after you've entered all your crucial data into it. Each "title" can safely store something as simple as a driver's license or files -- like movies-- of up to 1 GB+ of information.

If you don't know the password or forget the password, the data in PocketMac SecureNotes can't be open or viewed. Here's why...

This program is based on a 448-bit encryption scheme. What that means, in practical terms, is that it can't be hacked into. At the present, there has been no way to break such robust encryption-- because... 

...with that level of encryption, one billion computers each searching one billion keys per second, would need more than 10*10^24 years to recover that information. Since the the age of the universe is estimated at 10*10^9 years, obviously, no one is going to stumble on this information by trial and error. 

This is why we've also made impossible to retrieve the password if it's lost. In short...

...it's as secure as it can be. 

Here's one example...

...say that I have a movie I've downloaded from the net. A movie like that could be anywhere from 5MB to over 1 GB. To secure this in the PocketMac SecureNotes database, I would create a new "Movie" card. Then drag and drop the QuickTime movie onto the card I've just created. I then click "Save" and only I can view this movie!

This shows a couple of things. First, you can store huge files and keep them from prying eyes. Second, it's as easy as "drag and drop." 


...maximum security and peace of mind takes you minimum amount of time.

This means that your industry secrets, federal tax IDs, passport numbers, credit card numbers, movies and more will be safe from prying eyes but available with a few mouse clicks. This in turn means that if anybody steals your laptop, they're not going to get any of your secrets. 

And best of all...

...you can try the full product for 15 days without investing a dime.

That's right. Test the heck out of it for 15 days. Enter some data. Set a password. See if it works for your needs. 

Once you've convinced yourself it's the right solution for you, it's less than the cost of a couple of DVDs to have the the peace of mind of your personal data super-secure...only $29.95.

If you're like me and need access to critical but sensitive data, PocketMac SecureNotes is the perfect tool for you! We know you'll love the ease and power of this software.


Lauren Samuels
(866) 762-5622

Here's All The Kinds Of Data PocketMac SecureNotes Can Safely Remember For You...
QuickTime Movies
Photos & Images
Bank Account
Credit Card Information
Driver's License
Social Security Numbers
Federal Tax ID
Website Membership ID
Calling Card
Clothes Sizes
Software Source Code Snippet
Emergency Information
FTP Site Login Information
Glasses Prescription Information
ID Card Information
Insurance Policies
Lock Combinations
E-Mail Account Settings
Passport Number
Medical Prescription Information
Custom Data
Serial Numbers
Software Serial Numbers
Voicemail Login Info
Voter Registration Information
BlackBerry Sync feature just added!

Now synchronize 2-ways your unencrypted note cards in PocketMac SecureNotes with MemoPad in your BlackBerry! (Requires PocketMac for BlackBerry 4.0 or higher) 


  • Mac OS X 10.4 ("Tiger")

  • 10MB free disk space on your Mac (for initial install).


We're proud to accept:

HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.

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