SpyToMobile App Review

SpyToMobile App Review: Is This App Worth Your Money?

SpyToMobile App Review

These days, cell phones are an integral part of our everyday lives. Everyone has a mobile or smartphone for more accessible communication, faster Internet access, and many more benefits. There’s no doubt that the development of tech gadgets has improved the lives of many across the world. But with all its advantages come a few headaches too.

With mobile phones, people have the freedom to do whatever they like, and they can get exposed to all sorts of things too. For kids and teens, smartphones give them unrestricted access to the Internet and all its vices; spouses, on the other hand, find it easier to cheat using their mobile phones. Business owners may also have causes to worry, as unscrupulous employees can share sensitive company information and even trick the company using their smartphones. Fortunately, some tech companies have created ways people can keep an eye on others’ cell phone activities.

You can control what your children do online, monitor unfaithful partners’ activities, and track what your employees do with a cell phone monitoring app. If you’re looking for a good monitoring app to use, SpyToMobile may just be the right solution for you. In this review, we’ll tell you all the details about this tracking app, its compatibility, and its benefits.

What Can SpyToMobile Help With?

What Can SpyToMobile Help With

SpyToMobile is an excellent software developed for remote monitoring and tracking of mobile devices. This app allows you to monitor and get information from the target device in stealth mode. So you can spy on the other phone without the owner’s knowledge. A simple-to-use monitoring software, the SpyToMobile app, offers full tracking services in real-time so that you can get accurate data on your kids, spouse, or employees’ activities. Regardless of your technical ability, this app is easy to install, has a user-friendly interface, and it’s also quite affordable.

With this spyware, you can get all the data from your target phone from wherever you are. It allows for remote monitoring, meaning you can access your dashboard from any device whenever you want. However, SpyToMobile is more of a basic monitoring service. It offers only the basic tracking features, unlike some other advanced spyware on the market. The monitoring features SpyToMobile offer include:

  • SMS Monitoring

SpyToMobile allows you to access all messages sent and received on the target phone. You can read all texts, including the messages previously deleted from the device.

  • Call History Tracking

SpyToMobile is a useful call tracker. It gives you complete access to all the information on calls made and received on the other person’s phone. You’ll get data on the exact time the calls happened, the call duration, the phone number called, and contact details.

  • Contact Lists

The app can also give you information on the contacts stored on the target phone — all the contact details like name, phone number, and any other contact info.

  • GPS Location Tracking

With a top-notch GPS, SpyToMobile enables you to track the other person’s movement through their phone’s GPS signal.

  • WhatsApp and Viber Tracking

Although this feature is only available for rooted target phones, the app can also help you keep an eye on Viber and WhatsApp messages.

What Else SpyToMobile Offers?

A unique feature of SpyToMobile is that it allows you to track several devices with a single account. Its website says users can monitor as much as 1000 mobile phones from one SpyToMobile account. What’s more? With this app, the target phone doesn’t need to be online to record data on the device. SpyToMobile continues to record data from the other phone, even when it’s not connected to the Internet. And whenever the phone finally connects to a mobile data service or a Wi-Fi, the app updates your dashboard with all the recorded information for you to access.

It’s easy to navigate with a user-friendly interface and a personal dashboard.
It provides tracking information in real-time.
It can monitor the target device in stealth mode.
It’s very affordable.
The app offers a free demo version.
Some features are only accessible if the target device is rooted before the app installation.
It doesn’t work on iOS devices.
Some people may not find the app’s daily payment plan convenient.

How to Use SpyToMobile on iOS?

A major setback with this app is that it’s Android-based. This means that there’s no version for iOS devices, as it can only work on Android devices. If you want to monitor an iPhone, you may have to look elsewhere.

How to Use SpyToMobile on Android?

How to Use SpyToMobile on Android

This excellent spy software works only with Android phones, as we earlier stated. SpyToMobile is easy to use, but it requires installing on the target device before monitoring can happen. 

Whether it’s your child, lover, or employee, you’ll need first to install the app on their phones physically. Installing the app is a short and straightforward process, and can be completed in 3 steps:

  • Step 1

Register on the website and choose your preferred plan.

  • Step 2

Follow the app downloading instructions sent to your email after registration and subscription payment.

  • Step 3

Install the app on your target device, log in to your Control Panel, and start monitoring.

The installation process takes between 5 – 10 minutes, and you’re good to go. If you want to use some advanced spying features like WhatsApp and Viber monitoring, you can ask the customer support team to guide you on rooting the target device.

Is SpyToMobile Detectable?

No, the SpyToMobile app works stealthily in the background of your target phone. There’ll be no icon to indicate the app’s presence on the phone, and it has a minimal battery consumption level.

Is SpyToMobile Safe?

Yes, the app is entirely safe. The SpyToMobile app developers made it very secure, so your account can’t get hacked. Both your private details and the other person’s information are safe and secure.

With the exponential growth of technology, there are now too many options when it comes to monitoring mobile devices. mSpy is a great alternative for those seeking an effective and straightforward spy software solution. It features intuitive and easy-to-use menus that make setting up mSpy on any device a breeze. In addition, this powerful yet lightweight spy app offers unique features that set it apart from the competition.

Final Thoughts

Cell phone monitoring is one of the best ways to ensure your kids’ safety and get rid of the anxiety that comes with suspicious spouses and employees. With a simple yet effective spy tool like the SpyToMobile app, you can get all the essential information on someone else’s activities. If what you need is decent spyware that can provide the basic monitoring functions, SpyToMobile is perfect for you.

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