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SMS-Peeper Review: Monitoring SMS Remotely

People can multiple reasons for monitoring each other whether you want to keep an eye on your child’s everyday activities or your boyfriend’s communication with other girls. You can care about your relationship status or you can be interested in what your employees say about you. There are a huge number of applications that allow monitoring other person’s activities performed on their device. However, for this, you need to install a spying app on the target device manually. But what about the possibility to track other devices without physical access to the device? If you don’t have the possibility to install an app on the target device manually, you need to choose SMS Peeper.

What is SMS-Peeper?

SMS Peeper

SMS-Peeper is a monitoring app that allows reading other person’s messages after doing easy manipulations. You will find out the information about your target person’s messages, including sender and receiver details as well as the timestamps.

A web-based remote SMS spy system lies at the base of this monitoring app. This system allows tracking messages without physical access. SMS peeper retrieves messages from the target device after detecting the phone number you are going to monitor. It provides a user with 100 messages, including 50 outgoing ones and 50 incoming ones.

If the number of messages exceeds number 100, you won’t be able to read more messages. However, the main benefit of SMS peeper is that it allows viewing message information without the installation of the app on the target device.

Can SMS peeper be detected?

The first thing you need to know about SMS peeper is that it’s legal and free to use. However, you need to get permission from the target person before starting monitoring their device. In other cases, you carry responsibility for the use of the app on your own.

How does SMS peeper work

SMS peeper provides users with a real and working service that connects to the target device and shows messages to the user. As it was mentioned above, one of its main disadvantages is its limitation for 100 messages. The app operates absolutely invisibly while retrieving messages from the target device.

There are several problems relating to the monitoring message process. When a message appears on the screen, you need to enter a code that comes with a file. After getting a file and filling in the code, you can monitor messages from the database. In addition, different errors with the downloading database can appear. A lot of users complain about these errors. After three attempts failed, the system stops downloading messages.

However, what makes SMS peeper really popular among users is that it requires only three things to enter in order to start monitoring your target device. You need to select your country, type the number of the phone that you are going to track, and your email address. After providing all the necessary information, you need to click on the Get messages button and the service will start to monitor your target device’s messages.

For successful monitoring of messages, you don’t need to know any signup or login credentials. All you need to make the service work is the phone number of your target person.

In spite of easy use, one more essential disadvantage of SMS peeper is its narrow functionality. With SMS peeper, you won’t be able to monitor other activities, including social networks, GPS location, and the use of applications.

If you have decided to monitor your target person’s messages, you can do this for free.

How to use SMS peeper

You need to spend only a couple of minutes to make the service work. On the right side of the website, you will find input boxes.

So, to start monitoring your target person’s messages, you need to follow the next steps:

  1. In the first box, you need to fill in the country, where you live.
  2. In the next box, you need to enter the phone number of the person, whom you want to track.
  3. In the last box, it’s necessary to enter the email address.
  4. Tap on the ‘GET MESSAGES’ button which provides you with access to monitor your target person’s messages.
  5. After that, the service extracts 100 messages, including 50 outgoing and 50 incoming messages
  6. Here, a ‘Show Messages’ button will appear. After clicking it, you will see a window that contains instructions you need to follow before monitoring messages.
  7. Follow the instructions to receive a code that you need to fill in before tapping the download button. You can find the code in the text file that you have to download after providing the answer to the question.
  8. After you receive a code, you need to enter it in the empty box on the left side of the instructions and tap on the download button.
  9. After all these operations completed, you will see messages that you are going to monitor. You will be able to look through the information that includes the text of the messages, details about participants, and timestamps.

So, now you know how to get SMS peeper activation code.

Can SMS peeper be detected?

As it was mentioned above, SMS peeper doesn’t require any installation on the device that you are going to track. It allows viewing your target person’s messages remotely. Therefore, as compared to other spying apps, SMS peeper is much better, because it can’t be detected by your target person. However, with SMS peeper, you won’t be able to track other activities performed by your teen daughter or girlfriend, including social networks, GPS location, call logs, and so on.

You may have heard something about mSpy. mSpy is becoming increasingly popular among tech enthusiasts as a powerful, feature-rich alternative to traditional parental control software. This app is so easy to use that even someone who is not tech savvy can quickly get up and running.


Today, there is a huge number of spying apps that provide customers with extensive functionality, including monitoring messengers, SMS, social networks, GPS location, and so on. However, there is just one app that provides users with the possibility to track other people’s messages without physical access.

In order to start monitoring SMS messages of the target person, you need to follow several easy steps. After filling in the code that you receive with email, you will get access to the messages of your girlfriend or teen daughter. Let’s try it now!

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