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Pumpic Review: All Features In One Parental Control App

The contemporary world has changed dramatically and now parents need to protect their children not only physically, but they need to provide their children with cybersecurity. Contemporary children can’t live without their devices and spend a huge amount of their life by tapping on their device’s screens. All their life goes on the Internet, including socializing, studying, and private communicating with each other. Therefore, every parent needs to be confident in their children’s cyber security. Let’s consider how to protect your children’s from cyber bullying.

What is Pumpic app?

Pumpic is one of the most popular monitoring apps that allow monitoring different activities performed by your child on their smartphone. It is popular because of its compatibility with iOS as well as Android devices. By using Pumpic app, you will be able to keep an eye on the websites visited by your underage child. In addition, Pumpic app allows parents to keep an eye on that whom their children communicate with. This will allow cut the risk of being involved in sexting, cyberbullying, communicating with online predators, and so on.

Pumpic app was developed only for legal use like monitoring your underage child’s mobile phone.

Pumpic mobile monitoring

pumpic review

Pumpic provides customers with extensive functionality. Pumpic app allows parents to look through your children’s activities on the social networks and in chat apps. In addition, parents can view calls, contacts, texts, and calendar events of their children. One more benefit provided by this app is a possibility to view all the videos and photos stored on the target device, sent or received on this device. Due to the possibilities of the Pumpic app, you can track the whereabouts of your children and their GPS history. In addition, parents can determine a location that children can’t cross. When children leave this district, parents get notifications on their control panel.

However, what makes Pumpic app really unique is a possibility to look through deleted content and keystrokes. It helps monitor any text typed in any app. Therefore, you can view all the deleted text and searches in a browser’s incognito mode. Pumpic app offers its customers one more restricting option that allows setting a limit on the volume of the text typed by your children per day. Of course, as other parental control apps, Pumpic app provides a restricting option for the use of certain apps.

This is really very useful parental control feature when parents want to make their children study instead of chatting with their friends via instant messengers or playing games. In addition, Pumpic app allows blocking or restricting inappropriate or harmful websites.

Some of the features including monitoring social media and email are available only after rooting.

How does pumpic work?

Pumpic app retrieves all the necessary data from the target device and sends it to the online dashboard. Customers can review the data displayed on the online dashboard from any browser. In addition, parents can view all the messages, GPS location, call logs, search history, and the list of contacts from their phone directly, including Android and iOS. However, if you want to get access to the full set of options, you need to use web browser for this.

In order to complete the installation process successfully, you need to install the app on the device powered by Android or iOS. For this, you need to choose a suitable subscription, purchase it, and then customize your app.

In other words, the Pumpic app is easy to download and install. Worrying parents can receive activities updates on their dashboard in several seconds after the activity performed by their child. In addition, parents can block their child’s device if it’s necessary for a certain period of time.

If you need to get a consultation from the support team, you can fill out and submit an online form. In addition, for communication with the support team, you can visit the live chat. Here, you can get answers to your questions about the proper work of the app, its functionality, prices, and so on instantly.

How to use Pumpic app properly?

Pumpic offers free trial. So, before purchasing a full subscription, you can try several features provided by free trial. In order to get free trial, you need to provide just your email and name. For this, you need no to provide your credit card information. After entering your email and name information, you need to choose a version for iPhone or Android.

If you want to use Pumpic extended functionality, you need to root or jailbreak a target phone. However, as Pumpic doesn’t offer jailbreaking solution, you need to know iCloud credentials. In addition, you need to have enough place to make a backup.

How much does pumpic cost

Pumpic app’s price depends on the subscription you choose and the duration of this subscription. The longer the subscription is, the less the price is. Let’s consider the subscriptions provided by the Pumpic app:

  1. Basic package costs $5.33 per month;
  2. Premium package costs $6.99 per month.

If you want to purchase the app for a year, it’s better to choose one-year subscription:

  1. Basic subscription for a year costs $83.99;
  2. Premium subscription for a year costs $63.99.


Pumpic is a powerful parental control app providing its customers with a huge number of monitoring features, including reading text messages, viewing photos and videos sent or received by a child, viewing browsing history, contacts and calendar activities. Teenagers spend a huge amount of their time on social networks and instant messengers. Therefore, it’s very important to track their activities on social networks and viewing instant messengers in order to protect them from the potential risk of abusing and sexting.

Pumpic app allows monitoring messengers including Skype, Kik and WhatsApp. This is a great choice for worrying parents and their children.

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