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Many parents have found solace in smartphone monitoring services after being worried of their children’s online and mobile activities. These apps help them track and review the child’s activities on a phone and can help them know if their child is in any danger or can be hit with a possible threat. So many children are found to become prey to online predators and cybercriminals who are waiting for an unsuspecting child to slip up. Cyberbullying is becoming a huge threat, and children have been known to commit suicide due to it.

The same goes for employers who run a successful business and are worried about a certain employee planning a scam or selling company data to a rival. You’d be surprised how much this happens, and reviewing employees’ phone activities is becoming a real solution to this issue. The easy availability of these apps though, becomes a problem as well; many of them are not reliable. There are many fake services aimed to scam the users, and many others that promise to be stable and well-built but just don’t deliver.

Out Comes PhoneSheriff

If reliability is what you are after, almost all of the spy service users will recommend PhoneSheriff to you. The amount of positive user testimonials is unparalleled by any other software. PhoneSheriff is developed by Retina-X Studios which is a highly reliable enterprise based in Jacksonville, U.S.A. Like most spyware, it brings many useful features to the table in order to help parents keep an eye on their children and employers keep their data safe. It does this with a focus on reliability and stability. Some of the features include:

  • SMS and call monitoring to help you find out who the most contacted people are by a user. This is useful for parents who are worried that their child may be falling into bad company.
  • Email monitoring to help employers get into the secrets of their employees’.
  • Access to phone media, including photos and videos, for those parents worried about their children indulging in sexting.
  • Keylogging, which is useful for parents who worry that their children might be searching for inappropriate content on their phones or accessing dangerous websites.
  • Call recording, to give you even more detailed information regarding who your child or employee contacts and what they talk about.

All of this information, as well as much more, is sent to your own account with PhoneSheriff. You can then access all this data and make up your mind as to what you are going to do if something seems wrong with the phone usage of your child or employee. One advantage you allows you to save all the logged data in multiple formats including PSD, CSV etc. PhoneSheriff displays this in charts so you can easily identify which portion you want and which you don’t. PhoneSheriff wins in this department as many other apps can tend to be a little confusing. It strips the data down into categories for easy access and understanding.

Parents, put a Time Restriction on it!

Today’s children are more invested in smartphones than adults. Many of them cannot even begin to imagine a life without their precious phones. Whether they are talking to their friends, or going through their Facebook timelines or Instagram feeds, children who are obsessed with their phones are found to be using them late into the night. This not only affects their health but also their studies. Keeping it in mind, the most unique feature of PhoneSheriff, which parents will mostly use, is that it lets you put a phone time restriction on the target phone. You can also have a call time restriction set up so you can have peace of mind that your child is not using the phone after the allowed hours. While it is important to talk to your children about these issues and try to make them understand, sometimes the use of apps like PhoneSheriff becomes inevitable in order to make sure your children are listening to what you are saying. Parents can also block apps and websites, and can remotely lock or wipe the target phone as well. Blocking apps and websites can have some very good results if you want to keep your child safe. There are so many software which look just fine but are made to install malware on your child’s phone. Many apps tend to steal data from their phones as well. Blocking access to them with PhoneSheriff ensures nothing of the sort happens. Remotely locking or wiping out a phone with PhoneSheriff will hold more attraction for employers who are sure that an employee has stolen precious data. Both these features from PhoneSheriff are to make sure that none of the stolen information is shared with anyone else, so that the company’s assets can stay safe.

For Full Functionality, Get Android:

The main drawback of PhoneSheriff is that some of the features like keylogging and call recording are available only for Android and not the rest. We all know it is a world where Android dominates, but it doesn’t mean one should ignore the rest of the smartphone world. There are so many platforms which people are using which PhoneSheriff ignores in this regards. Yes, it does provide its software to many other platforms, but the lack of these advanced features for them means many people will have to look past PhoneSheriff to find something else. One more area where PhoneSheriff fails to deliver is with the limited number of social messengers it can monitor. Today’s is a world which is practically dominated by these apps. The number of people using these apps on a daily basis are a testimonial of their popularity. It monitors only three (WhatsApp messages, iMessages, BBMs) where rivals monitor up to 8. PhoneSheriff provides no support for monitoring modern services like Snapchat, which are known to encourage children to send provocative and inappropriate content to their friends.

Not a Stealthy App. Wait.. What?

PhoneSheriff, on its website, states that this is not a spyware. It is rather an app which monitors smartphone usage. What this means is that PhoneSheriff does not hide itself away from the target phone, or send you data in stealth. Meaning PhoneSheriff is an app that notifies the target that they are being monitored. Thus it is a completely legal app to use, as it is legal to monitor people if they are being notified of it.

Use it only if you are Committed

The reason we say you need to be committed to PhoneSheriff in order to use it is because you can only get a yearly subscription. There are people who want these kind of apps for only a month or a little more time than that, so those people would have to look somewhere else. PhoneSheriff is aiming itself at those people who are very serious about their monitoring and know exactly what they want. It is the perfect solution for those people who want to keep a watchful eye on people while making them aware of the fact that they are being monitored. At $299 for the corporate version and $89 for the parental basic set, PhoneSheriff is an software which focuses on quality and reliability. PhoneSheriff is compatible with Android, Apple, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile operating systems to ensure that the maximum number of users can be accommodated. However, the lack of some advanced features in operating systems other than Android makes PhoneSheriff a more difficult choice for some users than it should be.

Also for parents and guardians looking to keep an eye on their loved ones, there is a great alternative to traditional CCTV surveillance: mSpy. Using the latest technology, mSpy gives you real-time location tracking as well as access to call, text and other app logs so that can know exactly who your children are interacting with, where they have been and what activities they have been engaged in throughout the day. 


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