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Mxspy App Review: What Can You Expect from Both the Free and Paid Versions of the App?

Mxspy App Review

At face value, Mxspy appears to be a decent monitoring app with a decent collection of features for ethical monitoring. According to the creators, users can count on the various tools the app provides at any time to obtain crucial information about their target’s phone activities. They also claim the app functions fully remotely and stealthily, putting you up to speed with the target’s phone activities without ever giving you away.

However, the app has had a notorious reputation so far, ranking very poorly on authentic user review sites. Most of the complaints have been about the app’s abysmal customer care and its unstable nature. But there haven’t been many complaints about the availability of features and functions the creators claim to provide. It seems in that regard; the app does just fine.

We’ve spent copious hours researching Mxspy. We took the app’s free two-day trial, which we believe doesn’t actually reveal much about what’s to come when you pay for the monthly subscription. We’ve also scoured the web for authentic user reviews of the app to find out what paid customers think about the app. 

What Can the Mxspy App Do For You? 

What Can the Mxspy App Do For You

Once you’ve successfully set up the app, you can expect to have a raft of phone monitoring features at your fingertips. The app’s stealth operations will help you keep track of vital phone data without leaving behind any trail.

Some of the most important features that are easily accessible on the app’s user dashboard include:

  • Call monitoring. Find out everyone your target talks to on their phone. Besides the identities of their callers/receivers, this feature also shows you the duration, date, and time of the calls.
  • SMS and online message tracker. This feature provides records of the texts your target exchanges with others. It gives you access to their messages on popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Snapchat, Hangout, and Viber.
  • Browser tracker. It discloses your target’s web activities, including their conversations, shared files, bookmarks, etc.
  • Multimedia file tracker. This allows you to track all multimedia files that your target uploads and downloads on their phone.
  • GPS tracker. This feature displays your target’s current and previous locations in terms of longitude and latitude as well as the designated address.

How to Use Mxspy for iOS? 

Unfortunately, there is no version of Mxspy available for iOS at the moment. The creators have probably decided to focus on Android OS, though this focus has not led to a stellar product with rave reviews.

A good alternative to Mxspy for iOS is mSpy. With mSpy, you’ll be able to deploy all the features of Mxspy listed above plus a whole lot more, all without any complicated technical requirement. mSpy also enjoys great customer reviews across the web. That has been the case, thanks in large part to the excellent technical support the app provides users. 

How to Use Mxspy for Android? 

Here are the steps you should consider if you want to employ Mxspy on an Android device.

Step 1. Pre-Installation Preparations

Before you download the app on your phone, there are certain settings you need to adjust on the target phone. First, go to “Settings → Security → Unknown Sources” and activate the option to allow apps downloaded from unknown sources.

Disable Google asking permission. Open Google Settings, tap on Security, and then deselect the “Scan device for security threats” and “Improve harmful app detection” options. 

These changes may sound like they’ll leave your target device more vulnerable to malware attacks. However, this doesn’t affect most parts of the app’s security systems.

Step 2. Download and Install Mxspy

Open on your target phone and then download and install the app. If an “Installation blocked” error message pops up, simply click on “Install anyway” to move forward with the installation.

Run the app and log in with your Mxspy user credentials. If you haven’t already gotten one, you can sign up on the app or its official website.

Step 3. Change Permission Settings

If the target phone is not rooted, click on the “Accept” or “Grant” SuperUser to activate permission to deploy most of the app’s advanced features.  Note also that with unrooted phones, you may be receiving updates of phone data like WhatsApp and Facebook messages only once a few days (rooted devices allow for updates by the minute).

If you want to use the app in secret, tap on the “Hide Icon” option from the Mxspy Configuration menu. You also need to clean all traces of the installation process. Delete the history of the browser where you opened the app’s website and download link, and also delete the Mxspy APK file on the downloads page. You may have to reboot the target device to jumpstart the app. 


Is Mxspy Safe? Is Mxspy Detectable?

As noted above, you can choose to run Mxspy in the open or secret. Once you’ve set the app to operate stealthily, the app disappears into the target phone. There will be no trace of the app’s activities anywhere. You can make the app to resurface by simply dialing #5555* on the target phone.

Is Mxspy Safe? 

Most of the complaints about the app are related to the app’s reliability. Most dissatisfied customers complained about the software’s poor quality that mars it with glitches and system failures.
An overwhelming number of customers complain about the app’s failure to give constant access to various phone data types.
We hardly noticed any performance issues during our free trial. However, with the general feeling among the app’s customers, we cannot vouch for the safety and reliability of the paid version of the app.

Is Mxspy Free?

For all the negative reviews and bad press the app has received so far, the creators still believe they’ve put forward an attractive app package. They’re allowing potential customers to try out the app for two days before paying anything upfront. But as we’ve said earlier, we don’t believe that the free trial indeed reveals the user experience you might have with the paid app.

Is Mxspy Legit?

The app’s creators have explicitly stated that the app is only meant for use under ethical circumstances. They’ve stated that the app is primarily meant for parents who need to monitor their minors and employers whose employees have consented to be monitored.


Mxspy lines up a decent range of parental control features and functions. The app is also built with simplicity as a guiding principle, providing a neat, crisp user interface that allows users to deploy its features and functions quickly.

However, the app has received a strong wave of negative press. Its abysmal ratings on various reputable customer review sites consign it to the low-quality spy app category.

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