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One of the many ways in which employees can be successful in committing scams and fraud in their companies is through the use of their personal devices. Policies like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are enabling employees to bypass the restrictions that company devices have on them, and ultimately lead to fraud.

Many such cases have been seen in the past few years, and it doesn’t matter whether the person doing it is a newcomer in the company or not. A lot of the most trusted employees in a company have been known to scam their employers by stealing company data and selling it to competitors. This threat though, is being circumvented by the use of spying and monitoring applications. These applications are able to help concerned employers to covertly monitor the activities of their employees on their personal smartphones or computers. One of these apps, called MobiStealth, puts special emphasis on being covert and stealthy.

Stealth, and More

Other than a completely stealthy operation, MobiStealth also provides a broad range of spying features which employers can use to help them find out whether someone is planning a fraud against them from inside their own firm. MobiStealth’s features include:

  • Monitoring text messages and call logs will help employers find out if their employers are working with a rival. While it is the most basic feature, it proves to be helpful in a number of situations.
  • Email and IM app monitoring, thanks to MobiStealth, also helps with this purpose. We all know how much social media and other communications apps are influencing our lives, and chances are that your employee would be no different. Most people use these apps to contact others, which is why reviewing the activity is helpful.
  • If your employee takes a lot of breaks, then you can use MobiStealth to turn the phone into a microphone as well as track the employee’s location. Your employee will no longer be able to lie to you and say he or she just went for a lunch break when being out for hours. You can simply use MobiStealth’s GPS tracking to find out where they were exactly. The ability to turn a phone into a listening device has endless possibilities. The most obvious one is that you can use it to know exactly what your employee is planning to do with your data, and thwart their plan.
  • If you are afraid your employees have stolen private data, MobiStealth also allows you to remotely wipe out a device completely. While this may seem extreme to some people, a company that might lose millions of dollars because of a fraud like this, this feature is amazingly helpful.

The Basics, and Just the Basics

While MobiStealth has been found to be very stable and reliable, its feature set is quite limited. It only provides features that are found commonly on others as well. However, it might be this limited feature list which makes the MobiStealth app stable. It’s worth it in the end to lose some more fancy features that you may not even need for stability and quality of use. A spy app which force closes can also be caught on the target phone, putting your anonymity at risk. Customer reviews prove to be testimonial enough to the app’s quality.

Unique in Pricing

The one thing that MobiStealth has over other apps is how it is priced. It can be had for just two weeks after paying $19.99 if you are running Android. It can be very attractive for the people who just want such an app for a short time to be sure about someone or something. You could track your employee with tracking service around for two weeks and make sure that he or she isn’t planning anything against your data. Other apps usually have 3-month minimum subscription plans, which can be a waste of money. The iPhone Pro version costs $79.99, and is for a 3-month period. MobiStealth is a very reliable spy app with a 30-day refund policy. It supports Android phones, jailbroken iPhones, Blackberry and Symbian phones as well. This multi-platform support is a very important feature that sometimes gets neglected in spy apps, but MobiStealth deems it important to include devices that aren’t the most popular ones. So if you have been worried that your company data is at risk from the inside of your organization, use MobiStealth and you can be sure to have peace of mind if all you need are basic features to make sure if one of your employees is plotting against you or not.

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  1. This webiste makes things hella easy.

  2. Does it have to be jailbroken?

    If so can you refer me to one with Facebook messenger and microphone access?


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