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Best iPhone Spy Apps of 2024 That Will Come in Handy

In the age of the Internet and social media, there’re so many iPhone spy apps out there that it might be challenging to know the right one to pick. It gets even worse when you realize that some of the options available require you to jailbreak the target device, an act that could potentially damage the smartphone. As such, most people looking for spy apps for iOS devices want an app that would allow them to monitor an iPhone without jailbreak.

With that in mind, we’ve reviewed ten apps we believe are your best options when choosing mobile phone spyware. We’ve compared and ranked the apps according to features, functionality, and price. Before we talk about the various spy apps, let’s quickly look at how iPhone jailbreak spy apps work. 

How Do iPhone Spy Apps Work? 

iPhone spy apps are mobile applications that allow you to monitor specific activities on a target iOS device. These apps enable you to keep track of phone calls, text/multimedia messages, social media accounts, Internet browser history, gallery content, and location. 

Spy apps for iOS devices are relatively easy to set up and use, with the additional plus being that most of the options don’t require you to install the app directly on the target device like on an Android smartphone. To track an iPhone, you need to purchase a subscription plan and create an account with your preferred spyware. You’ll log into the app’s control panel with your account details and link the app to the target iPhone. 

Linking the app requires you to have the target device’s iCloud credentials. Once you enter the phone’s iCloud details, the spy app will sync the data from the target smartphone, and you’ll be good to go. You can now monitor the iPhone by logging into your dashboard from any mobile device or computer. Of course, there are prerequisites before linking the iOS device to the app, such as turning off two-factor authentication and enabling iCloud backup. Typically, the app will give you set up instructions on what to do once you’ve created your account. 

Top 10 iPhone Spy Apps Without Jailbreak Solutions 

When looking to pick a spy app for an iOS device, the best options to go for are those with a full range of features and don’t require you to jailbreak the target device. The latter requirement is probably the most important because a jailbreak could lead to several system issues that you want to avoid. To make it easier for you to pick, we’ve profiled the 10 best apps on the market that’ll help you spy on an iPhone without jailbreak. mSpy is our top choice, but other apps on the list are also great alternatives. Let’s quickly take a look at all our options.

mSpy — Our Top Choice

mSpy sits at the top of our list of spy apps for iPhone without jailbreak solutions because, to be honest, no other application came close. The app has every possible feature you’ll need to monitor an iPhone and keep track of what your loved ones are doing. All the basic stuff like location tracking, phone calls, text messages, photo and video media, and social media accounts are available, with extra capabilities such as Wi-Fi hotspots and calendar monitoring. You can monitor notes on the target smartphone too! mSpy is also quite affordable, with the one-month basic plan going for as low as $29.99.

Over 30 mobile monitoring features available.
Comprehensive access to over 9 instant messaging and social media applications.
Compatible on jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices.
Affordable subscription packages.
Works stealthily on the target phone..
7-day free trial offer with access to basic and premium monitoring features.
Some of the advanced features are only available on a jailbroken iPhone.


Cocospy is another top iPhone monitoring no jailbreak application with thousands of users globally. The app’s extensive range of features is one of the reasons it is so popular. Cocospy covers everything, including phone calls and texts, social media accounts, gallery content, geofencing, and keylogger. It’s also straightforward to use, as all you’ll need to access the target device is to log in to your Cocospy account from any web browser. So it’s not just full functionality you’ll be getting, but convenience, as well. 

Compatible with jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices.
60-day money-back guarantee if the app doesn’t work as expected.
Comprehensive parental control features.
Some features do not work unless you carry out a jailbreak on a target iOS device.
A limited number of available social media accounts.


FlexiSPY offers you all-round smartphone monitoring with several standout capabilities. One of its terrific features is the ability to monitor up to 14 social media platforms. Including Skype, Line, Kik, and Yahoo! Messenger. It also allows users to listen and record live phone calls. Married folks and parents will find this feature fascinating as it enables them to listen in on the phone calls of their significant others or children to know if they’re up to anything shady. The only downside to FlexiSPY is that the app is quite expensive, with its lowest subscription package going for $68. 

Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.
Comprehensive list of features, including FaceTime recording, spoof SMS, environment recording, Remote Camera, Remote Video, and Spycall.
Access to 10+ instant messaging and social media applications.
Requires you to jailbreak the iOS device before installing the app.
Subscription plans are relatively expensive.
Only runs on iOS version 6.0 and higher.


Highster is a terrific iPhone spyware with no jailbreak solution. The application features all the basics you’d expect, such as SMS and email monitoring, GPS location tracking, access to social media messages, gallery content, etc. The most impressive capability, though, is the stealth camera.

This feature allows users to monitor and take pictures of the target smartphone’s surroundings using its camera. It’s another exciting tool for parents and spouses to take advantage of tracking their loved ones. Another great thing about Highster is it comes with a one-time payment subscription plan, with lifetime upgrades. So you don’t have to always worry about paying for the app monthly. The price for the package is $69.99. 

One-time payment, with free lifetime upgrades.
30-day money-back guarantee if the app doesn’t work as expected.
No jailbreak is required for iOS devices.
Limited feature list, with no option to record phone calls.
No subscription plan to monitor more than one device; users must purchase additional plans to track different phones.


iKeyMonitor offers phone tracking features for jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices. The app tracks phone calls, text messages, social media chats, and location. iPhone keylogger, taking screenshots, and surrounding recording are also available. 

The surrounding recording allows users to record all the activities going on in the background of the target iPhone. iKeyMonitor’s spy iPhone without jailbreak solution doesn’t require users to download the application on the target device. On the other hand, the jailbreak edition requires a download. 

Compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.
Comprehensive parental control features, including screen time limits and schedules.
Access to 15+ instant messaging applications.
30-day money-back guarantee if app malfunctions during use.
No jailbreak version as it only supports iOS devices with version 9 and above.
Some features are only functional on jailbroken iPhones.


KidsGuard spy app serves explicitly parents who want to protect their children from social media predation, cyberbullying, and other dangers children are at risk of on the Internet. As such, the app comes packed with features that enable parents to monitor their kids and their online presence.

KidsGuard also has a Safari history capability that allows users to view any recent web content their children have been accessing on the Internet and if it contains any form of pornography. This spyware is also relatively cheap, with its lowest subscription plan priced at $39. There’s also a ten-day free trial to give parents a hint of what to expect.

Offers a 10-day free trial with access to all available features.
Does not require jailbreak on iOS devices.
Limited feature list, with some of the most vital advanced features unavailable.
Only functional on iOS devices with iOS nine and above, with no support for smartphones running on lower versions.
The limited number of social media and instant messaging apps.


Mobistealth’s standout spec is its call recording and surroundings listening capability. With the surroundings listening feature, users can closely monitor what the target smartphone’s owner is up to, no matter his/her location. 

Parents will find this helpful, as it could help them keep an eye on their kids wherever they are. Alongside these features, Mobistealth has all the other basic stuff you’d expect, at a cheap subscription rate too. The price of the app’s lowest payment package is $49.99. 

Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.
Doesn’t require you to jailbreak the target iPhone.
Affordable payment plans with 15 days money-back guarantee.
Some advanced features like geofencing alerts are unavailable.
No access to parental control capabilities like app and website blocking.


SpyBubble offers you all the essential spy iPhone without jailbreak features you’d expect, with no real surprises. The app is compatible across a wide range of iOS versions, including jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. Android users aren’t so lucky, though, as the app is only functional on rooted devices. 

Compatible with jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices.
Access to YouTube and profanity alerts.
Restricted monitoring features on the no-jailbreak edition.
Limited capabilities, with no option to record calls.


Spyic is another excellent iPhone monitoring without jailbreak solution, with users spread across over 190 nations. The app’s popularity is due to its extensive range of features, terrific, user-friendly interface, and attractive subscription packages. 

Everything you’d expect from a fully-functional spy app is available, including call and SMS monitoring, social media tracking, geofencing, and call and surrounding recording. Our favorite thing about the app, though, was its comprehensive subscription packages, with plans available for monitoring as many as 25 mobile devices. 

Doesn’t require you to jailbreak the target device.
Comprehensive subscription packages, with the option to monitor as many as 25 devices.
60-day money-back guarantee if app malfunctions.
Extremely restricted feature list for no-jailbreak edition, with some of the essential advanced features unavailable.
Limited amount of social media and instant messaging applications available.


XNSPY provides an iPhone no-jailbreak monitoring solution for parents, employers, and spouses who want to keep an eye on their loved ones and company workers. The app tracks an impressive list of smartphone activities, including location, call logs, messages, social media, web browsers, and iCloud backup. It also groups phone calls according to frequent callers and the highest call durations. XNSPY no-jailbreak solution for iOS devices is compatible with iOS versions up to 14.1. 

Compatible with jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices.
Affordable subscription plans.
Restricted features, with some essential capabilities like call recording and keystroke monitoring only available on Android.
No access to the real-time device location.

Why Do You Need iPhone Spying Apps?

The world has become overwhelmingly digital, with smartphones and social media forming a core part of our lives. But, with all the many benefits that come with the Internet age, there are several disadvantages, as well. 

Several online predators lurk around digital platforms to take advantage of naive individuals, many of which are minors. Gullible children can fall into trouble using social media, as the online world is full of online predators. Unfaithful romantic partners take advantage of social media platforms like Snapchat to engage in illicit affairs. Dishonest employees involve themselves in fraudulent activities like selling out company secrets to competitors or rivals online. Each of these scenarios has created a need for people to use spy apps to monitor what happens in and around the lives of those close to them. 

The conventional method had been to go through their phones directly. But people are quite protective of their mobile devices, especially if they have something to hide. As such, iPhone spy apps are the best solution to keeping an eye on your loved ones and employees. 

Conclusion — What Is the Best iPhone Spy App Without Jailbreak Solution

All of the apps in this review are among the best options you can use to hack an iPhone. However, mSpy is our top choice and the one we’d recommend most of all. It has absolutely everything you’d expect from a mobile surveillance application, and much more. It’s also very affordable, with its subscription package going for as low as $29.99. So, you don’t have to break the bank to get a no-jailbreak iPhone spy app solution to monitor your child, spouse, or employee; mSpy has got you covered.


Do I Need to Jailbreak the Target iPhone to Monitor Its Data? 

No, there’s no need to jailbreak the target iPhone to install a spy on it. Top cell phone monitoring applications like mSpy allow you to track a phone without carrying out a jailbreak. This option protects your phone from damage, as a jailbreak could potentially cause software malfunction. Even more, you can monitor the phone without having the app on the target smartphone. For iOS devices, you only need the iCloud credentials to link the phone to your dashboard, and you’re good to go; you can start tracking all the activities you want to on the target device. 

Can You Spy on an iPhone Without Jailbreaking It? 

Yes, you can spy on an iOS device without performing a jailbreak. Each of the apps we’ve recommended in this article offers you an iPhone monitoring no-jailbreak solution. Just purchase a subscription plan with one of them and start tracking the target smartphone.

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