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Best Free Spy Apps for iPhone [100% Safe]

Most people looking for spy apps for iOS devices often worry about how safe these applications are. Of course, they’re well within their rights to ask these questions, especially when you consider the fact that there are several counterfeit spy software on the Internet that threaten mobile phone safety. Most of these apps require you to jailbreak an iPhone, and doing this exposes your device to several security risks. 

However, various options provide 100% security for iOS devices and do not require users to perform a jailbreak. These apps enable you to monitor a cell phone in stealth mode without getting caught. They also offer full functionality, allowing you to track a wide range of smartphone activities, including phone calls, text messages, social media accounts, and location. 

We’ve reviewed the top 10 free iPhone spy apps to help you avoid the phony options and protect your iOS device. 

What Are Smartphone Spy Apps? 

Spy apps are software you can use to monitor specific aspects of mobile devices. Cell phone spyware allows users to peep into the call, SMS, social media, web browser, and location history of smartphones. 

Furthermore, the vast majority of spy applications are compatible with multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Installation and set-up are relatively straightforward as well. For Android devices, users would need to create an account with the app they’d like to use, purchase a subscription plan, download the app on the target mobile phone, and then set it up from the software’s Control Panel. After the set-up, they can access information about the target device from their account on any computer or cell phone. 

On the other hand, iOS users do not need to download the application. After creating their account and purchasing a plan, they’ll link the target iOS device to the app using the smartphone’s iCloud details. However, they must ensure that the mobile phone has two-factor authentication turned off and iCloud backup enabled. Once they’ve completed the link-up, they can hack an iPhone from their account dashboard and monitor its activities. 

Spy apps operate in stealth mode, so users do not have to worry about getting caught. Some mobile phone spyware requires you to jailbreak the target device. Jailbreaking a smartphone puts the device software at risk. As such, we’d recommend going for a no-jailbreak solution when purchasing a spy app. 

The Best Free Spyware for iPhone 

We’ve reviewed the top 10 free spy apps for iPhone with the best features, affordable subscription plans, and 100% safety. Each of these applications offers a free trial or demo version to give you a snapshot of what to expect. 

Customer SupportLive Chat, Call, EmailEmail, CallEmail, Online Support CenterTicketsPhone, Online FormLive Chat
Stealth Mode++++++
Call Logs++++++
GPS Location++++++
Call Recording++++
Live Surrounding++


MSpy app

mSpy stands out as one of the very apps that allow you to spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking. Besides, its seamless installation and 24/7 Customer Support makes it a must-have for many parents and employers. The app secretly collects information, such as call logs, SMS, IMs, apps, and browser history from the target phone.

Installation is easy, with the no-jailbreak version requiring no installation at all.
Its resourceful features give you value for your money.
24/7 Customer Support.
Demo version.
Limited features in the no-jailbreak version.


Eyezy is a popular spy app for the iPhone that comes with lots of advanced monitoring features that let you secretly monitor another person’s iPhone. Tracking happens in real-time, allowing you to see what your kids or employees are up to every second. 

Installing the app takes only a couple of minutes, and the app stays hidden after that. After installation, the app begins to record calls, view text messages, track location, and even capture screenshots on the target iPhone. It also has a keylogger that records every word the target type on the keyboard.

Easy to install and use.
Features a wide range of advanced monitoring features.
Stays completely undetectable.
Relatively expensive.
Lacks phone and Live Chat support.


Another powerful app for spying on iPhone is Cocospy. The app is compatible with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones. Just like mSpy, it doesn’t require installation to spy on non-jailbreak iPhones. As long as you have the target’s iCloud credentials, you’re good to go. Cocospy displays the synced data via a secure web-based dashboard. Cocospy doesn’t save the data on the cloud. That way, no one else is able to access the information.

Plenty of remote spying features.
Excellent 24/7 Customer Service.
iPhone spying without jailbreak.
No demo or free trial.
Advanced monitoring features absent without jailbreak.
Lacks call recording capability.



If you’re looking for an affordable, yet versatile spy app for iPhone, consider using Copy9. The app supports secretly viewing the target’s phone calls, messages, location, and other relevant data. The app also has a fantastic call recording feature, allowing you to listen to the target’s conversations. While the app is a great choice for iPhones, it only works with jailbroken ones. 

Good Customer Support.
Stealth monitoring.
Call recording feature.
Not the best selection of features.
Requires jailbreaking.


FlexiSPY is a reliable iPhone spying app that not only records phone calls but lets you listen to live calls. These incredible features come at a huge cost, but you’re sure to get value for your money. There’s a more affordable Basic version that lacks these advanced features. So there’s something for everyone. However, users can only track jailbroken iPhones using FlexiSPY.

East to install and user-friendly.
Live call listening and call recording feature.
Different packages to choose from.
A Premium feature is comparatively more expensive.
Works with only jailbroken iPhones.


GuestSpy App Review

GuestSpy is quite different from every other application on our list, as it’s the only spy app without a subscription plan. Yep! You read that right; GuestSpy is an entirely free iPhone spy app. The application offers all the basics you need to monitor your loved ones and employees, including remote call recording, access to social media chats, SMS, contacts, and location. It is also available across iOS and Android platforms. The only downside with the GuestSpy app is that the features aren’t as extensive as you’d expect, with only around ten capabilities available. 

Features automatic call answering and spy calling.
Records phone surroundings.
Secure Live Panel.
No Live Chat for customer support.
Limited features, compared to other spy apps.


Highster Mobile review

Highster Mobile is a great remote monitoring solution for iPhones and other iOS devices. The app offers fast syncing of data after installation, providing regular updates to keep you on track. The No-Jailbreak version allows you to track an iPhone without physical access to the device. You’ll get to see iMessage and other messages on the device. Other features include call logs, email access, GPS tracking, social media apps, and media files. 

Supports both jailbreak and no-jailbreak iPhones.
Unique design, separating it from many similar apps.
Affordable one-time subscription plan.
Lacks certain advanced features, like Geofencing.


iKeyMonitor is another reliable spy app worth spending your money on. With support for all recent iOS versions, the app makes a great way to keep tabs on your kids’ activities. The app comes with a long list of features, including screenshot capture, Keylogger, and social media apps monitoring. iKeyMonitor’s dashboard is well laid out, allowing for easy navigation and access to data. While the app presents with many superb features, you’ll need to jailbreak the device to enjoy them.

Easy-to-navigate personal dashboard.
There’s a free plan with limited features.
Compatible with a variety of iOS versions.
An array of interesting features.
As with most spy apps, some features are absent in the No-Jailbreak version.
Lacks support Snapchat monitoring.
No Screen time limit feature.



Mobistealth is another popular spy app for parents and employers looking to keep an eye on their kids and employees, respectively. The app’s online StealthClub allows you to view all the iPhone’s data it captures. If you run into any problem, there’s Customer Support waiting to offer assistance.

Multi-channel customer support.
Remains hidden and undetectable.
Live surrounding listening.
No demo version.
Requires jailbroken iPhone.


WebWatcher logo

WebWatcher ends our list of the top spy apps for iPhone. With the WebWatcher spy app, you can access SMS and social media accounts, including TikTok and Viber, location, YouTube, specific keystrokes, and app list. The application also gives you alerts for the activities your target performs on the target smartphone. There’s a free trial version available for customers to get a sneak at what the app offers. If the app impresses, you can go on to purchase a subscription plan. 

Works in stealth mode.
Supports no-jailbreak devices.
Sends transcripts of conversations.
Not very intuitive compared to other apps.
No support for website blocking.
Doesn’t send alerts via text.


Are Spy Apps Undetectable? 

Yes, the best spy apps work in stealth mode, which means the target smartphone’s user won’t detect the software. Typically, these apps disappear from the app list after installation. They record and upload all the required information from the target device to the online dashboard remotely. They’re also relatively safe, so they don’t pose threats to the phone’s software while hidden. As such, you don’t have to worry about getting caught; spy apps offer you 100% stealth and security. 

Can I Spy on an iPhone Without Touching It?

Yes, you can spy on an iPhone without having direct access to it. The spy apps for iPhone free solutions in this review allow you to monitor a device remotely from any browser, smartphone, or computer. Generally, for Android users, you only need access to the target device to install the app. Once you’ve fully set up the software, you can monitor the target Android device from any location. For iOS users, you do not need direct access to the mobile phone. All you need is the smartphone’s iCloud details. If you do not have the device’s iCloud credentials, you’ll then need access to the smartphone to get it. You may also need to have the device in hand to ensure that the phone has iCloud backup enabled and two-factor authentication turned off. Once you’ve met the various requirements, you can monitor the device from remote locations. 

How Do I Know If My iPhone Is Compatible With the Spy App?

Most spy apps have compatibility information on their website, so you can discover if they’re functional on your smartphone before purchasing a subscription or downloading the app. Also, some other spyware requires you to input the phone’s details in a blank field before making a purchase, and they’ll let you know if your device is compatible. Furthermore, the vast amount of mobile surveillance options available on the market means you do not have to worry if your preferred option is not functional on your mobile phone. You can get other software if that’s the case.

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