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The digital world has brought with it many different problems that a lot of people don’t realize. An increasing amount of the smartphone users who are faced with these problems are children. Children get excited when they get their own mobile phones and most of them start using them without any concern for the dangers and threats they may be facing.

For this reason, the use of spy services today has become a necessity for many. Parents and employers alike find uses for these apps to have a peaceful mind regarding their children’s safety and employee loyalty respectively.

There is no shortage of such apps today, where just a few years ago no one had even heard such programs existed. If you are also on the lookout for a spy app which does the job, and are content with just basic options, you should take a look at the inexpensive InnovaSpy.

Nothing Innovative, Simply the Basics:

InnovaSpy claims to perform all the obvious tasks you would expect from a spy software. In the world of expensive spyware that turn out to be mere scams, InnovaSpy is aimed at those people who want an inexpensive app which does the basics right.

InnovaSpy’s features include access to the phone’s text messages and call logs. You will also be able to track the location of the phone via GPS, and have access to social media activity.

A rather interesting feature of InnovaSpy lets you see the screen of the monitored phone in real-time. This is something that not many other apps offer, and it may help parents see exactly what their child is doing online. You can also find out who your children are talking to and what software they are using. This can help you prevent some serious problems. For example, you could notice your child about to send an inappropriate image of theirs to someone online, and you would be able to stop it from happening.

With InnovaSpy, you can also listen to what’s happening around the phone by turning it into a bugging device. You’ll see by the feature set what we mean when we say that InnovaSpy is half-baked. Sure, the features which are present work very well, that much is clear by user reviews and testimonials. The problem is that these are some of the most basic features any spy service out there provides, and will only attract the most casual of users.

Half-Baked Features Push It Behind:

In the sea of feature-rich spy apps, InnovaSpy remains unheard of. It doesn’t provide much in terms of functionality and the options it does provide are also kind of half-baked. For example, the ability to listen to the phone’s surroundings is held back by the absence of the ability to record the sound. While this may tell you what is going on around the person you are targeting, it will provide you with no proof to confront them. This problem will be more severe when we talk about employers who have caught their employees selling company secrets etc.

InnovaSpy also doesn’t have the features like listening to calls or recording them, which are included even in the basic feature sets of spy apps today. While this is no scam app, the lack of features are testimonial to its extremely basic nature.

With so many digital activities now taking place outside of the home, safety and security concerns surrounding these activities have become increasingly prevalent. mSpy is an excellent option when looking to protect your family or monitor employee performance. Not only is it relatively straightforward to set up and use, but mSpy’s features are designed to be undetectable even by tech-savvy users. With mSpy, you can block and restrict access to websites, apps that are age-inappropriate, and even track your child or employee’s GPS location.

Android and iOS Only:

If the lack of features wasn’t enough to push InnovaSpy behind, the device support is also limited to Android and iOS only. Yes, these two operating systems are leading the world of mobile technology, but it shouldn’t mean that apps like InnovaSpy completely forget about others like Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian.

A feather in InnovaSpy’s hat is that the user reviews seem to suggest that the software works well. The features it does provide, albeit slim, work with a lot of stability. InnovaSpy also provides quality technical support, so if you do decide to buy the service, you won’t regret it if you are okay with the limited features.

The highlight of InnovaSpy is its price. It costs just $49.99, but whether that seems fair to you is on your needs entirely. Being said, it is exactly what InnovaSpy is designed as. It is a cheap alternative to many of the feature rich and more expensive spy apps that many people won’t use because their features are actually too advanced for their needs. There is a notable number of people who just need a simple spy app like InnovaSpy to keep an eye on their children. In this sense, and this sense alone, InnovaSpy does stand out thanks to its price.

If you are looking for the most basic spy app out there, then InnovaSpy may be the one for you. But the more demanding users are going to look past it almost all the time.

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