Highster Mobile review

Highster Mobile Review

There used to be a time when spyware were something of a rarity in the cell phone world. But with the higher demand which concerned parents and employers have brought to the market, a lot of different developers have invested their time and hard work into creating monitoring apps that can easily be made use of today. Aside from Highster Mobile, there are many scams out there as well, which makes finding the right software harder. Most of tracking applications offer similar features like allowing you to see the messages sent and received, call logs, contact lists, media files, and more. It depends on the user of the app how helpful such features prove to be. The problem is that there are so many services providing the same features, so one doesn’t understand the differences between them, making the choice of a spyware harder. What these apps now require is something to make them prominent in the sea of all other similar ones. Some of them do it by providing a couple of unique features while others offer free trial runs etc. Highster Mobile does something different; it gives you all the basic features of popular spy apps for a one-time price only. No subscriptions, no fancy packages; Highster Mobile is phone monitoring made simple.

The Reasons can be Many:

You may wonder what the reason to use a spy app is, in the first place. They could be many. You can be a parent who is concerned about your children might be using their smartphones carelessly. Children are known to ignore the dangers of internet use, and can get into some serious dangers if they are not careful. Hence, it falls on the parents’ shoulders to make sure that they stay safe, and the best way to do that is by monitoring their phone usage. Another reason for using Highster Mobile is to make sure that your employees don’t steal valuable company data. There are many cases where even the most trusted employees have been known to scam their company and sell private company information to competitors. Using a Highster Mobile monitoring helps employers review all communications their employees have with external sources.

Offering all the Basics and Some More:

Highster Mobile gives its users access to all functions of the phone as that of other spy apps, including access to text messages and call history. Web browsing history and emails can also be accessed by the users through an online control panel. Highster mobile also lets you monitor 8 of the top instant messaging clients and applications. All of this is fundamental stuff that anyone would need to monitor. Because smartphones have become so involved with our personal lives, everything goes through them at one point or another. If smartphones were alive, they would know about human being than anyone else, which makes it more sensible to track them in order to find out something about someone. While Highster Mobile contains access to all basic features of the phone, a rather different feature is using the camera remotely. This is something we don’t see a lot in spy apps, and can come in handy when you are trying to know exactly where someone is. Paired with the Highster Mobile’s ability to turn your phone into a listening device, this feature is enough to give you a virtual tour of the space your target is in. Combine these two with the GPS tracker, and you are practically present where your target is.

No Parental Controls Might Be a Turn Off:

What many of the users need is parental controls functionality. It allows parents to restrict their children from using certain apps on their cells. Children may be using software that open up their world to online predators, or apps that allow them to indulge them in sexting, and parents would like to block them. However, Highster Mobile does not have this feature. So the parents looking exclusively for these kind of controls will be disappointed, and might look elsewhere. Highster Mobile does however, allow you to uninstall apps of your choice from the target phone. While it seems a little too harsh, sometimes it is necessary to do this. Children don’t know what apps are good for them and what aren’t, and they download whatever they see on the internet. This might add a lot of malware to their phones as well as allow them to use services that they should not be using.

Keylogging at its Best:

One feature that Highster Mobile is known for is its keylogging abilities. Therefore it can alert you whenever your child searches for a certain keyword that you have previously defined. Parents who are worried that their children might be accessing inappropriate content over the internet will love this feature, as they will know each and every time their child searches for something related to it.

Stealth is Imperative, and the App Delivers:

Spyware wouldn’t be called so if they weren’t stealthy. Complete stealth is a feature that is testimonial to a spy app’s effectiveness. Spy service need to be completely hidden so it can do what it is made to do. Otherwise, the whole idea simply fails. Therefore Highster Mobile puts stealth first. It completely hides itself from the user. You cannot see it in the app tray, it doesn’t show up in the notification center, and its background data transfer is very minimal as well to keep it out of your battery usage statistics. This means that you can simply install the Highster Mobile app on the target phone and then forget about it. It will continue to do its operation without bothering you or the person you are monitoring. All you have to do is download and install it one time, and then it’s good to go.

Cheap and Hassle Free:

Many people hesitate from getting into the world of spy apps because of the hassle regarding payments. Most software come with a subscription plan, either for 3 months, 6 months, or a year. For this reason users have to first buy the software, choose the subscription based on their needs, and then keep paying to renew it. You can see how this can be irritating at one point. Other than the constant payment, you also have to know your requirements completely in this case so you can choose the suitable subscription. The main selling point of Highster Mobile is that it costs a one-time fee of $69.99, which is cheaper than the yearly subscriptions of other services. It takes away the need to know what you want and how long you want it for. It’s simple and straightforward, and you can decide on your usage after you buy it.

Support that Works:

Highster Mobile provides a very strong technical support system. This is imperative to have in any spy application, because there are bound to be some glitches or problems coming up. People who don’t know a lot about smartphones also need some support in installing the app and using it. Here, a good technical support system is necessary to have. Highster Mobile allows you to contact the support team 24 hours a day. You can send in your queries via email, phone call, or the live chat service. The live chat service, in particular, works great and has a lot of positive testimonials backing it up. This, along with the phone call, can help you fix any problems you may be having right on the spot. Whatever stance people hold in regard to spy software, one cannot deny their usability when it comes to keeping your children safe from a pervert waiting behind a computer screen to take advantage of your child after gaining their trust. You can keep your children away from a whole world of dangerous interactions and habits by reviewing their phone usage with Highster Mobile. Highster Mobile is aimed to attract those people who are looking for a basic set of features for a lower price than the competitors. It won’t appeal to the power users who are looking to get deep controls into the target phones, and are ready to pay more to do so. If you want the basics, and are on a tight budget, this service is your choice. It is, in the end, a basic app done well, with a price point that is unheard of in the spyware world.


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  1. The highster Mobile iPhone APP (ILF mobile) is just a FAKE, I installed it on iPhone 4S ios8.1.3 with Jailbreak!
    they stole me 69USD for a app wich never worked! the support doesn’t exist, they answer with the same “pre-write” no-sense mails, they don’t have any skills and they don’t understand the user’s problems!
    i asked 2 months for a refound.. i never receive my money back!!!
    DON’T BUY IT! don’t waste your money!!!!!!!
    you will get only a EMPTY control panel with some old SMS and nothing else

  2. It is horrible. Don’t buy this app
    I got mine 3 weeks ago and keep waiting to get data.

  3. BIG Scam and doesn’t work. DO not buy. No one to speak to and you get the same automated reply with no live rep to help. I’m going to report it to BBB. Should have read the reviews.

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