GuestSpy App Review

GuestSpy App Review: Is It a Worthy Investment?

Sometimes, nothing short of hard evidence can put your mind to rest over the activities of those around you. However, with a high-grade spy app like GuestSpy, you can place yourself literally in the scene of their activities as it unfolds. GuestSpy towers above many other similar spy apps in the market, thanks to a design that’s incredibly simple yet highly versatile.

The app serves a massive customer base sprawled across the world. However, some negative feedback on the app in places around the web suggest the app isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. How can you tell if GuestSpy is a good fit for your monitoring campaign? Can it guarantee successful undercover operations without blowing your cover? What are the operational and maintenance requirements for the app?

In this comprehensive review, you’ll find the answer to these questions and a whole lot more. Read on to shed light on your doubts about GuestSpy.

Key Features of the GuestSpy App

With an impressive stack of spy features and an interface that’s super-easy to navigate, GuestSpy significantly increases your chances of succeeding with your monitoring campaign. Between its wide range of monitoring features, you’ll be able to gather enough information to know exactly what the people around you are up to.

Some of the app’s major offerings include: 

  • Call recording: View full details of the caller/receiver’s identity and the time and date stamps of the call. The best part is that you can also listen to their conversations.
  • SMS recording: View comprehensive details of all the SMS texts they send and receive on their phone, including the content, the identity of the sender/receiver, as well as the time and date stamps.
  • Social media monitoring: The app also lines up unfettered access to your target’s accounts on several social media platforms, from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.
  • Browser monitoring: Keep track of what your kids or partner is doing online at all times. View complete records of every web page they open on their phone.
  • GPS tracking: Another essential monitoring tool that GuestSpy does not fail to deliver. You can literally go toe-to-toe with your target wherever they go using GuestSpy’s highly precise GPS tracker.
  • Remote mic activation: With this feature, you can turn on the target phone’s mic to listen to conversations and sound clues.

How to Use GuestSpy on iPhone? 

How to Use GuestSpy on iPhone

The process of deploying GuestSpy to track an iPhone is fairly straightforward, from the onset all the way throughout your monitoring campaign. You can get your monitoring campaign up and running in a jiffy regardless of your level of technical experience, so long as you have your target’s correct iCloud credentials and iCloud syncing is active on their phone.

You can start using GuestSpy to spy on iPhones in just a matter of a few steps as follows:

Step 1: Sign up for a Suitable Package

Register your account on GuestSpy’s official website and then choose an iPhone monitoring package containing a suitable combination of features. After completing the checkout requirements, you’ll then receive a confirmation email containing the transaction details, your user credentials, as well as further steps to set up your spying campaign.

Step 2: Enter Your Target’s iCloud Credentials

Download, install, and run the user version of the app on your phone. On the homepage, you’ll find a field where you can enter your target’s iCloud credentials. But before you enter the credentials, you need to ensure that two-factor authentication is not active on the target’s phone. If it is, you need to turn it off to avoid raising suspicions with your login attempt.

Step 3: Begin Monitoring Your Target

Once you key in the target’s iCloud credentials on your user dashboard, with iCloud syncing active on your target’s account, you’ll get access to their iCloud account that instance. Depending on the frequency of iCloud syncing set on the target phone, you’ll be receiving a cyclical update of the target’s phone data uploaded to their iCloud account.

How to Use GuestSpy on an Android Phone?

How to Use GuestSpy on an Android Phone

The process of deploying GuestSpy on Android is a little more demanding because you need physical access to the target phone at least one time. Once you’re able to scale this hurdle, everything else becomes a cakewalk.

Here’re all the steps involved:

Step 1: Sign up for an Appropriate Subscription Package

Follow through step 1 of deploying GuestSpy on the iPhone above, this time around choosing a package for monitoring Android phones. Check to ensure that your Android phone model is supported by the app. 

Step 2: Install GuestSpy on the Target Android Phone

You need to handle the target phone physically for at least a few minutes to install the app, following the instructions you’ll receive on your confirmation email.

Step 3: Begin Monitoring Your Target

Once the app is installed on the target phone, it disappears completely into the background of the target phone, from where it will begin sending you copies of your target phone’s data without leaving any trail. 

Is GuestSpy Legit? 

GuestSpy is not a new kid on the block in the mobile spy app space. The app has earned its name meritoriously after over a decade of existence, serving a worldwide customer base of everyday people, company executives, and even government agencies.

The issue of the legitimacy of the app should come into question not concerning the authenticity of the claims made by the creators but the prevailing privacy laws in a user’s jurisdiction. In other words, even though the app is authentic, its usage might still be fraught with legitimacy issues due to privacy and monitoring laws applicable in your locality.

Is GuestSpy Detectable?

When it comes to maintaining your cover during your surveillance, GuestSpy has got you fully covered. Designed for stealth operations, the app leaves no trace of its operations on the target phone. After you drop the target phone upon installing the app, your target will just pick their phone back up and continue using it as though no one’s ever touched it.

The app disappears completely under the hood of the target phone, transmitting information without requiring any significant amount of phone resources like data, battery charge, processing power, etc. 

Final Thoughts

GuestSpy is an advanced spying solution that provides you with a wide array of high-tech spying tools over a neat interface that’s quite easy to navigate. You can take advantage of the app’s design simplicity, stealth operations, and remote control features to mount a highly effective surveillance campaign.

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