Flexispy review

Flexispy Review

In the world of mobile monitoring and spy applications, there are a few names that stick out among the hordes of scam applications available. One of these names is Flexispy which, despite being relatively new, has made its own space in the world of smartphone monitoring with its strong support and some unique functionality not normally found in rival apps.

Spy apps are usually looked down upon due to their invasive nature. FlexiSpy is one app which takes it to the next level. While its features which make it stand out are definitely a little extreme, one could argue that such opportunity are the testimonial of a fully featured spy app.

What Can Flexispy Do?

The most attractive option of the app is its ease of use. The application is very straightforward and easy to install and use. Other important, and relatively common, features are as follows:

  • SMS and call log tracking.
  • Sent and received email information.
  • WhatsApp data as well as BBM data tracking.
  • Complete address book information as well as any changes done to it.
  • Information about calendar events.
  • GPS tracking as well as internet browsing history.

FlexiSpy provides all of the features which most of the others spy applications boast. It sends all of this data to an online account where you are able easily review it whenever you want.

The Differences are Quite Unique

Where this app is different is unique from the rest is in its ability to completely block incoming SMS as well as MMS blocking. On top of this you can even stop the target device from receiving any emails. While these features are most invasive than others, they aren’t found in the competition that Flexispy has. Practically speaking, if your child is sexting with someone, you are able block his or her ability to send such messages out at all. This could keep your children safe from some dangerous online scams, lurking throughout the web.

It also means that an employer could make completely sure that it’s impossible for his employees to sell company secrets to others. Even if you find one of your employees stealing from you, you can wipe out the device completely and be sure that all data is gone.

Another neat detail of FlexiSpy is its quality of letting the user listen to the target device’s incoming calls as well as its surroundings. It requires the phone to have an active conference calling feature.

The most unique and invasive feature however, is the application’s ability to let the user impersonate the device’s owner and send text messages and calls to the target phone’s contacts. This option, called Spoofing, is practically illegal which makes this a huge drawback of FlexiSpy.

Simple Payment Options:

Unlike some other applications, Flexispy comes in just two versions; Premium and Extreme, which cost $149 and $349 per year. One more drawback of Flexispy is that you can’t subscribe for a period of time shorter than 1 year. The payment options mean that only people who need FlexiSpy for a longer amount of time will actually buy it. Casual users, or people who just want to make sure that nothing is amiss, will steer away from it.

The Extreme version has the added features of listening to and recording phone calls, microphone control and camera spoofing. It takes FlexiSpy to a whole new level in the monitoring world, as these are features that can basically put the target’s life into your hands.

If you are comfortable with the year-long subscription, then FlexiSpy has practically every single thing you could ever want from a spy app, and could be perfect for parents who want to review their children’s phone use. The various user comments are testimonial to its quality, making this an easy choice.

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  1. The abliity to think like that shows you’re an expert

  2. Do I have to install it on the phone I want to spy at or no

  3. Hi Alma,

    Yes, you need to install the client app on the phone you want to track.

  4. I like the way this operate

  5. Hi,

    I need an application to track whatsapp, emails and phone calls but need to be very cautious about it that it is not discovered , is this the right choice and how long would the installation take place on the target device, please reply at the earliest

  6. Does the target phone require to be jail broken and obvious question can you hide flexispy once installed?

  7. Tracy Neighbors says:

    I am wanting a program to monitor my daughter’s snapchat usage but I don’t want to jailbreak her iphone 6. Can you help with that?

  8. nonofyourbuisness says:

    does the person your trying to track have to know the app is in their phone?

  9. How can I know that my cellphone is installed this software by the other person that want to track my phone?

  10. I want to see if my wife is having an affair through whatsapp. She sleepa with the phone under her pillow so I have limited time to access the phone. How simple is it to install on her phone? What details would need to be input when installing it on the target phone?

  11. Hello Tracy,

    Only mSpy software allows you to track Snapchat, however it requires Jailbreak.


  12. Hello Jenny,

    You can not see the spying app on your device.

  13. Hello,

    You should inform a person about tracking, if he or she is an adult.


  14. Hello Andy,

    It depends on a phone she has. iOS device requires jailbreak while Android rooting.


  15. Angela Davis says:

    Too expensive

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