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It has always been a problem for some couples to truly trust each other, especially when one of them takes part in some suspicious activities. One of the reasons why you might start doubting your spouse is if they start using their smartphones too much all of a sudden.

There used to be no way of finding out the truth about the loyalty of one’s spouse, but it has changed with the introduction of spy software. These apps can help you track your spouse’s activities on the smartphone and you can find out once and for all whether you are being cheated on or you were just being paranoid.

While spy services are mostly being used by employers who are worried their employee might be trying to scam them, or by parents who want their children to be free from cybercriminals and scammers, there is a very big demand of such apps by people who want to find out the truth about their spouses.

One of the apps which focuses on this problem is Copy9. It is a simple application that provides you with the very basic features of a spyware to help you monitor your partner’s smartphone usage.

Barebones, but Enough for Couples

Copy9 doesn’t boast a whole lot of features, rather it focuses on the very basics. The application comes with a free version as well as a paid one. The free version allows you to simply activate the tracking on an iPhone, control the software and download data reports as well as find out the GPS coordinates of the phone. This last feature makes Copy9 quite usable even in the free version, making it one of the very few services which can actually be used to some extent for completely free.

However, we all know that a real spyware offers far more features than these. In return you’ll have to dish out some money. The paid version of Copy9, allows you to:

  • The ability to check and review call logs, something very important when it comes to monitoring your spouse.
  • Access to the text message history as well as browsing history. It also includes the messages which have been deleted. Again, this is one of those features you simply must have in a spy service that focuses on finding out if your partner is hiding something from you.
  • The ability to trace the phone via GPS.
  • Access to the phonebook and emails sent and received.

Newer Features:

Copy9 has recently added some new features to its arsenal, a testimonial to the app’s commitment to its users. It allows you to monitor someone’s WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, BBM, and Skype messages and calls as well. It is a great feature to have because most of the people use these apps today to connect with others. Chances are, your spouse is also using one or more of these.

Another feature that people will appreciate about Copy9 is the ability to record phone calls. This could be the ultimate proof for someone who is sure of their spouse cheating on them and want to expose or confront them.

Stealthy and Organized:

Copy9 runs in the background with complete stealth. You can make a free account for yourself where you can review all of the information you get from the target phone. The data is in the form of tabs, where each tab provides you the most recent log. Copy9 makes it easy, thanks to its tab feature, to locate what data you need and access it with ease.

For iPhone, and Others:

Copy9 is an application mainly geared towards the iPhone. It does require the phone to be jailbroken, otherwise it won’t work. This feature acts like a testimonial to the fact that Copy9 is not so premium of an software, as most of the more expensive apps provide you with a version that works with iPhones without jailbreak as well. However, the application developers do give you a tutorial to jailbreak the iPhone if you don’t have one jailbroken already.

All you people worried whether this app only supports Apple devices, rest easy because Copy9 supports Android, Windows, and Symbian devices as well.

So there you have it. A simple, straightforward application for all you couples out there who have a hard time building the trust that makes a relationship successful. If you are doubtful of your spouse’s loyalty towards you for any reason at all, you can use Copy9 to see exactly what your partner does and decide whether you were right or wrong.

The software can be bought in three versions; the Standard one costs $14.3 per month, the Premium one can be had for $16.9, and the Gold version will cost you $19.5. The app is cheaper than some others on the market, and if you feel like the features are enough for you then it may be app which helps you be more at ease.

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  1. Not worth your money. Whatsapp is suppoesed to work after a couple off days if not rooted- is does not. Ambient recording does not work and auto answer does not work either. I have send numerous request and they said I must uninstall and reinstall which I did 3 times already and is still not working Now they just dont answer my mails anymore

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